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God Of Justice

…Stand beside the broken We must go Stepping forward Keep us from just singing Move us into action We must go Verse 1 God of Justice Savior to all Came to rescue the weak and the poor Chose to serve and not be served Verse 2 To act justly every day Loving mercy in every way Walking humbly before You…

Writer(s):  Tim Hughes


He's Everything To Me

Chorus 'Til by faith I met Him face to face And I felt the wonder of His grace Then I knew that He was more Than just a God who didn't care That lived away out there And now He walks beside me day by day Ever watching o'er me lest I stray Helping me to find that narrow way He's ev'rything to me…

Writer(s):  Ralph Carmichael


Sometimes – David Crowder Band

…without a shore We’re lost in You We’re lost in You It’s Your love that we adore It’s like a sea without a shore Don’t be afraid Don’t be afraid Just set your sail Bridge And risk the ocean there’s only grace Let’s risk the ocean there’s only grace Let’s risk the ocean there’s only grace Let’s risk…

Writer(s):  David Crowder


One Like Us - Mack Brock

…could just ride away Into the glory of inner and outer space Into the story of how You can moderate Sinners and sinners and sinners and God You just walk into the dark You just walk into the heart Make it a home and a heart Painting Your love on the walls You finish whatever You start I just spend…

Writer(s):  Mack Brock, Nick Herbert, Sam Bailey, KB

A Need To Dance | Thoughts from Worship Central

…Ben Cantelon to write “The Way”. Hughes has the desire to encourage the church to have fun in worship just like they would anywhere else. “We tried to capture in the production [of this song] just the joy and hopefully the release of [the fact that] we’ve got a great God that we’re going to serve…


Fresh Outpouring - Kim Walker Smith

Intro Verse 1 Renew us in this day Just like You said You would Your word is not in vain Our hearts reaching heavenward Pre-Chorus Fresh outpouring Tear the fabric open Come, Jesus come Breath of Heaven Nothing left unshaken We long for more Chorus We need a fresh outpouring Unleash a fresh…

Writer(s):  Kim Walker-Smith, Bryan Fowler, Mark Alan Schoolmeesters



…You are Verse 2 We are a city that believes That when we’re lost in You we find everything we need So let our lives be a portrait of Your love And just like the rising sun break out and shine through us (Chorus) Bridge You wreck us You wreck us with Your love And forever we are Yours, we are Yours…

Writer(s):  Toby Mckeehan, Jonathan White, Cole Walowac, David Arthur Garcia, Neon Feather

Sean Curran of Bellarive Shares About The Song “Calling On Fire”

…known; to demonstrate His power. Whether it’s with Moses and the burning bush, Shadrach Meshach and Abednego, or Elijah on Mt. Carmel….there is just something about fire. We also see fire deeply connected to the idea of refining and atonement. In the old testament it plays a huge role in the process…

Gracefully Broken | Thoughts Inspired by Matt Redman

…of God moves through. Everything we do should be given to God has an act of worship. He gives us a purpose and a calling that will bring glory to His name and because He loves us, He has all of our days planned for us, we just have to rest in Him and listen to His word. Sometimes we lose that idea,…

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