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playO Come, O Come Emmanuel

Writer(s): Jeremy Bush, Mike Hogan, Mark Waldrop, Jack Parker, David Crowder, Mike Dodson


playO Come O Come Emmanuel

Writer(s): Steven Curtis Chapman 1

Liz Parker • at Worship Together

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Thankfulness | Worship Together

…recorded her songs, and Grant's recording of "Better Than a Hallelujah" (for 2010's Somewhere Down the Road) earned Hart a Best Gospel Song Grammy nomination in 2010. She has also had several song placements in film and television, and her songs appear in…

The Importance of Rest | Worship Together

* SONGS * WORSHIP LEADERS * VIDEOS * BLOG * STORE * JOIN NOW * * * The Importance of Rest Liz Parker — November 26, 2013 This week many of you will gather with family to celebrate all that God has blessed you with. You will sit around a table full of…


* SONGS * WORSHIP LEADERS * VIDEOS * BLOG * STORE * JOIN NOW * * * Archives For Devotions These are posts that challenge and fuel our faith as worship leaders and musicians. Read devotions by worship leaders and songwriters and become inspired by their…