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All I Need

Verse 1 When the day is done And there's no one else around While I'm lying here in bed You're in my heart You're in my head You're all I need You're all I need There (are) a million voices Calling out my name But You're the one I want to hear So make the others disappear You're all I need You're…

Writer(s):  Bethany Dillon, Dave Barnes, Ed Cash


This Is Who I Am

…The righteousness of our Creator I am a new creation The old is passed away and I am made new Copyright © 2009 River Oaks Music Company / True Bliss Music / Waiting Room Music / Birdwing Music / Bethany Dillon Publishing (all admin. at All rights Reserved. Used by permission.

Writer(s):  Bethany Dillon, Shane Barnard

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