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playIf We Are The Body

Writer(s): Mark Hall


playHow Beautiful

Writer(s): Twila Paris

Here's My Heart by Crowder | Worship Together

…globally. There are times when a specific song just really connects to the heart of a church and it brings new life to that body of believers. This song had that same feeling when Crowder led it during a main session at Passion 2013. For the first time…


playIn Christ Alone

Writer(s): Keith Getty, Stuart Townend


playJesus, My Victory

Writer(s): Brenton Brown, Travis Ryan, Brandon Collins

Holy Discontentment | Worship Together

…message! I have been faithfully attending & serving the same church since I came to Christ over the past 11 years but as of recent I have fallen out of love with the body there. Not that they have changed. I laid in bed last night thinking about why suddenly…

There's No "I" in Team | Worship Together

…is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t take yourself too seriously and just remember why you’re there: to serve the body of Christ and to worship our Almighty God! In Leadership Liz Parker Posts Google+ Liz has been a member of the Worship Together…


playMercy Tree

Writer(s): Krissy Nordhoff, Michael William Neale


playIn Remembrance Of Me

Writer(s): Cheri Keaggy


playBehold The Lamb ( Communion Hymn )

Writer(s): Keith Getty, Stuart Townend, Kristyn Lennox Getty


playSinless Savior

Writer(s): Aaron Keyes, Matt Boswell, Tony Fisher

Worship Leader

Casting Crowns

…their families. With boldly honest, hard-hitting lyrics, the band continues to challenge, strengthen and pour into the body of Christ, giving listeners a fresh, relevant perspective on loving God and loving people. After all the accolades, all the awards…