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Here's My Heart by Crowder | Worship Together

…globally. There are times when a specific song just really connects to the heart of a church and it brings new life to that body of believers. This song had that same feeling when Crowder led it during a main session at Passion 2013. For the first time…


playIf We Are The Body

Writer(s): Mark Hall


playHow Beautiful

Writer(s): Twila Paris


playBehold The Lamb ( Communion Hymn )

Writer(s): Keith Getty, Stuart Townend, Kristyn Lennox Getty


playIn Christ Alone

Writer(s): Keith Getty, Stuart Townend


playJesus, My Victory

Writer(s): Brenton Brown, Travis Ryan, Brandon Collins


playIn Remembrance Of Me

Writer(s): Cheri Keaggy

Don't Call Me A Worship Leader | Worship Together

…together, make peace, pray together, sing: It’s worship after all. Take and eat the body He gave for us, the blood spilt for us. Be reminded that God has given us bodies of our own to give. It’s worship after all. Hear the Word of God, learn, think, digest…


playMercy Tree

Writer(s): Krissy Nordhoff, Michael William Neale

What Do I Do With My Hands? | Worship Together

…until the chorus repeats quietly with only the acoustic guitar and vocals, and you bring your hands a little closer to your body and sway to a slow rhythm. Free Bird If you’ve gotten to this point you’re quickly becoming a pro. For those who are…

Faithful in the Small Things | Worship Together

…part of. You just NEVER KNOW. Humble beginnings, paying your dues, that whole “if you want to be first, you have to be last” thing. Haha. * Thomas Kerns October 2, 2013 at 10:21 am This is so essential to be heard for all the Body of Christ especially…

There's No "I" in Team | Worship Together

…is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t take yourself too seriously and just remember why you’re there: to serve the body of Christ and to worship our Almighty God! * * * * * * * In Leadership Liz Parker Posts Google+ Liz has been a member of the Worship…