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Days Gone By - Hillsong Young And Free

…coming up with empty Felt like I lost my heart Pre-Chorus Now I've found a love that Is clearer than the deep blue skies It's true, You were right there I can see it in the days gone by Chorus I I see You in the days gone By Your promise never left my side I know sometimes I tried to give up Still…

Writer(s):  Karina Wykes, Ben Tan


All My Shame

…so beautifully formed Brought to life by God's on breath Crafted from the planet's dust God's own image carved in flesh But not one righteousness remains Perfection lost and beauty stained Far from the safety of God's side Innocence traded for a lie Chorus All my shame, all I've failed to be Nailed…

Writer(s):  Ben Dunnett, Hannah Dunnett


The Constant – Worship Central

…breath, to my dying day Father, you alone count me as Your own You'll never let me go Never let me go Chorus In everything I will give you praise For all You are, I will bring You praise Constant and faithful, You never change Verse 2 Through the valley low to mountain high You are by my side Every…

Writer(s):  Al Gordon, Ben Cantelon


Eyes Fixed - Phil Wickham

…You are with me Whom shall I fear, You're by my side You are for me, who can stand against me God, on You I fix my eyes Whom shall I fear, for You are with me Whom shall I fear, You're by my side You are for me, who can stand against me God, I fix my eyes REPEAT Chorus REPEAT Chorus Tag X2 REPEAT…

Writer(s):  Phil Wickham, Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert


Songs in The Night - Matt Redman

…in it all Verse 2 I am in the storm, Lord the storm is not in me You will be my peace I'll wait here, I'll wait here Chorus 2x Bridge Your love, Your love won't leave me in the shadows, oh Your love, Your love forever by my side I will not be afraid. You are my song in the night 2x Chorus Verse 2

Writer(s):  Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman, Jason Ingram


You Will Never Run - Rend Collective

…mine You will never run away You're by my side You will never run away, You forever shine You will never run away You're by my side Oh, Oh Oh , Oh Verse 2 Love stronger than the grave Love rolled the stone away Rising with endless majesty Love takes us by the hand Love is the wildest dance You…

Writer(s):  Rend Collective

Song Devotional | "Forgiven" by Crowder

…/ I’ve denied You with my very lips"  It’s humbling, isn’t it? The gap between our depravity and His holiness is infinite. Our sins are oftentimes more than we can bear and greater than we can count. The canyon between who we are and who we were created to be gets wider by the day, it seems. Yet,…


My Hallelujah – Bryan and Katie Torwalt

…what can take away My hallelujah No darkness can contain My hallelujah Your cross has made a way For my hallelujah My hal - le - lu - jah Verse 2 You give life No man can take No power in hell Could separate And who can stand Against Your might With armies of angels By my side Pre-Chorus So I will…

Writer(s):  Bryan Torwalt, Katie Torwalt, Ricky Jackson, Ran Jackson


Still, My Soul Be Still – Keith and Kristyn Getty

…rage tomorrow God is at your side No longer dread The fires of unxpected sorrow Chorus God You are my God And I will trust in You and not be shaken Lord of peace, renew A steafast spirit within me To rest in You alone Verse 2 Still my soul be still Do not be moved By lesser lights and fleeting…

Writer(s):  Keith Getty, Kristyn Lennox Getty, Stuart Townend


Whom Shall I Fear - Chris Tomlin

my feet You are my sword and shield though troubles linger still Whom shall I fear CHORUS 1 I know who goes before me I know who stands behind The God of angel armies is always by my side The One who reigns forever He is a friend of mine The God of angel armies is always by my side VERSE 2 My

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Scott Cash


Follow You Anywhere - Passion

…reasons to trust You Nothing to fear for You are by my side I’ll follow You anywhere Verse 2 O Jesus, You came to my rescue Took my place upon that cross You redeemed what I had lost Now my whole world revolving around You You’re the center of my life You’re the treasure, You’re the prize Pre-Chorus…

Writer(s):  Jason Ingram, Kristian Stanfill, Brett Younker, Phil Wickham


Love Came Down – Ben Cantelon

…there by my side You delivered me out of darkness Now I stand in the hope of new life Pre-Chorus By grace I'm free You rescued me All I am is Yours Chorus I've found a Love greater than life itself I've found a Hope stronger and nothing compares I once was lost now I'm alive in You Verse 2 You're my

Writer(s):  Ben Cantelon

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