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I Will Follow - Pardo

to life Darkness to light I will follow, I will follow From lost to saved Broken to grace I will follow, follow Chorus You have called, I will Out of guilty into glor-i-ous Here’s my life, make it new I will fol -low, I will fol-low You Verse 2 From fear to faith Weakness to strength I will follow,

Writer(s):  Jeff Pardo, Matt Armstrong


Anchor - Kari Jobe

…my strength You are near Pre-Chorus A peace in the storm Your voice I will follow In weakness I rise Remembering You hold world Chorus I’m holding on to hope I’m holding on to grace I’m fully letting go I’m surrendered to Your ways The anchor for my soul Father You will never change I love You, I…

Writer(s):  Kari Jobe, Brian Johnson, Cody Carnes


One Thing - Hillsong Worship

…this I will seek If only to know You To be where You are And go where You lead My God, I will follow The things of this world, I've counted as loss I lay it all down to take up this cross Chorus Chorus 2 Bridge And I'll sing, Whoa , whoa I want nothing but to know You And to be with You, my God And…

Writer(s):  Joel Houston, Aodhan King, Dylan Thomas


Go - Stanfill

…of a Holy Father called from the dark for purpose His Spirit living in us we are the ones to carry the truth of a greater story of life and love and freedom go now tell everyone Pre-Chorus this is a call now everybody follow go tell the world that Jesus reigns go the broken, go to the helpless go…

Writer(s):  Alex Nifong, Joe Thibodeau, Kristian Stanfill, Matt Goldman, Matt Melton, Tim Gibson


Face To Face

…dissolve as I fight this fall I’m learning to crawl, and trembling I call Restrain my heart, replace it with You Jesus I deny myself, I will follow You Chorus ’Cause there will be a day When all will fade away and all that will remain Is loving you face to face Jesus, I pray that You would come…

Writer(s):  Josh White

Sometimes Surrendering To God, Means Staying Planted Where You Are

to us and we can say yes to the call of God and yes to everything else. But the moment that you hear the call of God, and you choose to respond to it, to take up your cross and follow Jesus, all of a sudden we have to make a decision to say no to the world. Sometimes I wonder if when we get called,


Jesus, Lord To Me – Bill and Gloria Gaither

…You are Lord to me Verse 2 If I had walked beside As You touched and healed the blind And heard You speak with power If I had seen Your gentle smile Would I have followed or turned away Would I have listened to the things You had to say But now I trust You I hear You call Now I follow I give You my…

Writer(s):  Gary Mcspadden, Greg Nelson


This Is How It Feels To Be Free – Phillips, Craig & Dean

…is where it started Sin is why it held Speaking as a prisoner Who was there and lived to tell I remember how it felt I could hear the sound of freedom Like a distant voice it called And beckoned me to follow Where I had never gone Though my heart was willing I just stood there at the wall Praying…

Writer(s):  David Allen Clark, Don Koch, Shawn Craig


Behold The Lamb (Communion Hymn)

…Paid the price to make us one Verse 3 The blood that cleanses ev'ry stain of sin Shed for you drink and remember He drained death's cup that all may enter in To receive the life of God Verse 4 And so with thankfulness and faith we rise To respond and to remember Our call to follow in the steps of…

Writer(s):  Keith Getty, Kristyn Lennox Getty, Stuart Townend


The Glory Of Our King – Matt Redman

…King The glory of our King Verse 2 The church is waking up now To be Your hands and feet upon this earth Send us in Your power As we take Heaven to a broken world Bridge We are, we are a chosen people We are, we are called to follow We are, we are Your generation You are, You are the God who saves…

Writer(s):  Jess Cates, Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman


Symphony - Tim Hughes

…in Your Son Raised to the heights Love like no other, a symphony You're singing over me Interlude | Am / F / | C / / / | Am / F / | C / / / | Verse 2 Lifted from failure to promise Rescued from burden to peace You call for this wanderer to follow And gave me a new song to sing Chorus Bridge Songs…

Writer(s):  Reuben Morgan, Tim Hughes, Jamie Snell


Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer – Keith and Kristyn Getty

…the end of my heart's testing With Your likeness let me wake Verse Jesus draw me ever nearer As I labor thro' the storm You have called me to this passage And I'll follow tho' I'm worn Verse 2 Jesus guide me thro' the tempest Keep my spirit staid and sure When the midnight meets the morning Let me…

Writer(s):  Keith Getty, Margaret Becker

Related Categories: Ruth 2 | Loving Others | Following God
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