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Cast My Cares - Finding Favour

…And You're still good when I can't see the working of Your hands, You're holding it all Chorus Bridge I'm finding there's freedom When I lay it all on Your shoulders Cast my cares, I will cast my cares I will cast my cares on You Cast my cares, I will cast my cares I will cast my cares on You Chorus

Writer(s):  Blake Neesmith, Casey Brown, Sam Tinnesz


Draw Near - Passion

…Here my heart is at peace Chorus I draw near, i draw near, to You Jesus, I do. You draw near, You draw near To me Verse 2 Here I lay my life down Cast my cares at Your feet Jesus, here in this moment with You I have all that I need. Chorus 2x Bridge 1 You alone are my hiding place, My all in all, my

Writer(s):  Jason Ingram, Kristian Stanfill


Held In Your Hands

…held in Your hands, is held in Your hands Verse 2 I now Je - sus I can trust You I know in all things You are good And I'm casting ev' - ry care upon You You knew my name, my ev'ry pain, before this breath was mine You made a way, you overcame with love that outlives time Bridge These hands that car…

Writer(s):  Jason Ingram, Kevin Huguley, Wesley Willis


Finding Favour // Cast My Cares // New Song Cafe


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Majesty of the Most High - Matt Redman

…near to You Captivate my heart and Open my eyes to see Your Chorus Majesty, fill my heart with Your pure light The majesty of the most high I'm overwhelmed by Your holiness The wonder of amazing grace I bow beneath the majesty of the most high God Verse I cast all my cares down at Your feet You meet…

Writer(s):  Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin

Worship Leader

Finding Favour

…Adrenaline.  The group is poised to release their first full album, Reborn, in stores and online June 23, 2015. The album features the lead single “Cast My Cares” currently playing on 45 radio stations including networks Air1, KLOVE and SiriusXM’s The Message. The single has already hit the Top 20…

Related Categories: Cast Your Cares | Worry | Good Works
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