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playLet It Be Known

Writer(s): Nick Herbert, Tom Smith, Tim Hughes


playEverlasting God

Writer(s): Brenton Brown, Ken Riley

Ending on the 4 Chord | Worship Together

…4 Chord Jimi Williams — October 16, 2008  A really simple way to dip your toe into free worship is to end a song on the 4 chord. If you are playing in the key of G, that means ending on a C chord, or better yet a C2 chord, which is a C chord with…



Writer(s): Jeremy Camp, Reuben Morgan


playGod Is Alive

Writer(s): Steve Fee, Eddie Kirkland


playSet Me Free

Writer(s): Myles Dhillon, Luke Hellebronth


playMake Us One

Writer(s): Aaron Keyes, Evan Wickham, Michael Gungor, Bryan Brown

Sitemap - Worship Together

…Worship * How to Pick Songs for Your Service * The Measure of Success * What’s Your “Singer Structure”? * Ending on the 4 Chord * What’s My Line? – Lyric Projection in Worship * 5 Tips on Planning a Good Meeting * Easter Music * Resources * When is…

Matt Redman - Worship Leader Spotlight | Worship Together

…Green’s approach and music, you’d very likely love these. I really like the new Coldplay single ‘Atlas’ too – great chords! Then, in a totally different genre – electronic music – my favorite album for a while has been ‘Clarity’ by Zedd…

Worship Band Rehearsal | Worship Together

…will run long (see point 4). 6. Give everyone only words with chords. It’s amazing how many worship leaders bring only lyric chord charts to rehearsal. Playing a new song with a chord chart is like fumbling around for the light switch in a dark room…

Worship Leader

Tim Hughes

…beneath the surface. For starters, intently listening to God and letting him lead the creation of song themes and lyrics and chords has been a process of discovery for Hughes--one that not only required daily prayer and surrender, but also plenty of observation…


playPrepare The Way

Writer(s): Charlie Hall