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Writer(s): Jeremy Camp, Reuben Morgan


playEverlasting God

Writer(s): Brenton Brown, Ken Riley


playMake Us One

Writer(s): Aaron Keyes, Evan Wickham, Michael Gungor, Bryan Brown


playGod Is Alive

Writer(s): Steve Fee, Eddie Kirkland

Worship Band Rehearsal | Worship Together

…will run long (see point 4). 6. Give everyone only words with chords. It’s amazing how many worship leaders bring only lyric chord charts to rehearsal. Playing a new song with a chord chart is like fumbling around for the light switch in a dark room…

Ending on the 4 Chord | Worship Together

…4 Chord Jimi Williams — October 16, 2008  A really simple way to dip your toe into free worship is to end a song on the 4 chord. If you are playing in the key of G, that means ending on a C chord, or better yet a C2 chord, which is a C chord with…


playSet Me Free

Writer(s): Myles Dhillon, Luke Hellebronth

Matt Redman - Worship Leader Spotlight | Worship Together

…Green’s approach and music, you’d very likely love these. I really like the new Coldplay single ‘Atlas’ too – great chords! Then, in a totally different genre – electronic music – my favorite album for a while has been ‘Clarity’ by Zedd…

Worship Leader

Tim Hughes

…beneath the surface. For starters, intently listening to God and letting him lead the creation of song themes and lyrics and chords has been a process of discovery for Hughes--one that not only required daily prayer and surrender, but also plenty of observation…


playPrepare The Way

Writer(s): Charlie Hall


playLet It Be Known

Writer(s): Nick Herbert, Tom Smith, Tim Hughes

Sitemap - Worship Together

…Worship * How to Pick Songs for Your Service * The Measure of Success * What’s Your “Singer Structure”? * Ending on the 4 Chord * What’s My Line? – Lyric Projection in Worship * 5 Tips on Planning a Good Meeting * Easter Music * Resources * When is…