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Awaken Love - Kim Walker Smith

…You space Come and move around me Meet me face to face Stir my heart Awaken love within me Chorus Jesus, come. Jesus, come My first love, my first love Jesus, come. Jesus, come My first love, my first love REPEAT VERSE REPEAT CHANNEL REPEAT CHORUS Bridge I have wandered from Your love Thought my…

Writer(s):  Kim Walker-Smith, Jeff Pardo, Brenton Brown


Your Love Awakens Me - Phil Wickham

…name, and then my heart came alive! Chorus Your love is greater! Your love is stronger! Your love awakens, awakens, awakens me! |2x| Interlude Verse 2 Feel the darkness shaking All the dead are coming back to life, back to life Hear the song awaken all creation singing we're alive, cause You're…

Writer(s):  Phil Wickham, Chris Quilala



Awakening Chorus For You and You alone Awake my soul Awake my soul and sing For the world You love Your will be done Let Your will be done in me Verse 2 In Your presence, in Your power Awakening For this moment, for this hour Awakening Bridge 1 Like the rising sun that shines From the darkness comes

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Reuben Morgan


Revive Us (Heavy Rain) - Luke and Anna Hellebronth

…Your presence Awaken, awaken our hearts Open the floodgates of heaven Tag We're singing open the floodgates of heaven Bridge We hear the sound of heavy rain A move of God, the winds of change Your kingdom comes Your majesty, a reign of love An open heaven over us Your kingdom comes REPEAT BRIDGE…

Writer(s):  Brenton Brown, Jimmy James, Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes, Willie Weeks, Luke Hellebronth


Savior's Here – Kari Jobe

Intro Verse 1 You bring hope You bring life Awaken hearts, open eyes With our voices, hear them rise We call these dry bones to come alive You are faithful, You are true We can always run to Pre-Chorus Love that never fails Arms that never close Blood that covers sin Grace that never ends Chorus You…

Writer(s):  Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe


Dry Bones

…here Moving in our hearts Looking to pour out His love Abundantly in us We are here Longing to be changed Breathe into our lives again Don't let us leave the same Chorus Spirit of God Fire of love Come have Your way in us Your Glory and Power Awakens us now Lord have Your way in us Verse 3 You are…

Writer(s):  Nikki Fletcher, Tim Hughes, Tom Smith


Adore - Chris Tomlin

…Adore, come let us adore O come let us adore Him! The Lord, worship Christ the Lord Let all that is within us Ad-ore Instr. Verse 2 Wise men bring their trea-sures Shepherds bow low Angel voices sing of peace on earth What have I to off-er to heaven's King? I will bring my life, my love my all…

Writer(s):  Graham Kendrick, Martin Chalk


His Name Is Jesus (Heaven's Hope) – Travis Cottrell

…has come for us Receive what love has done His name is Jesus Interlude Verse 3 Heaven's hope awakened With a baby's cry Still his voice breaks through the night Chorus 2 Rejoice Peace on earth has come His favor rests on us His name is Je - sus Rejoice The king has come for us Receive what love has…

Writer(s):  Travis Cottrell, Krissy Nordhoff, Ben Cantelon


Hope Is Calling

love is strong And it's chasing me It's chasing me down So, sing along As it's making way It's breaking through the clouds I belong to the Maker And Heaven is in my reach Your love is strong And I can feel it coming on It's coming after me Verse 3 Hearts beat to the rhythm of Your name Awakening

Writer(s):  Sean Curran


One Like Us - Mack Brock

…Your voice Horizons awaken high above Collisions of color, the world You love Pre-Chorus 1 How beautiful the stars, imagined in Your heart Silent in the darkness How could it ever be That You would choose to be Chorus One like us. there’s no one like Jesus How wonderful is Your love God with us, in…

Writer(s):  Mack Brock, Nick Herbert, Sam Bailey, KB


Red Letters - Crowder

…Breath of God filled my lungs And the Holy Ghost awakened me And the Holy Ghost awakened me Chorus 2 When I read the red letters And the ground began to shake The prison walls started falling And I became a free man that day Bridge For God so loved the whole wide world Sent his only Son to die for…

Writer(s):  David Crowder, Ed Cash


Heart Wide Open - Mack Brock

…walls come down My walls come down Chorus So I'm gonna worship With my heart wide open I don't wanna miss a thing Cause You take what was broken And make it new I'm gonna trust You With my heart With my heart wide open Verse 3 Your love is constant You are disarming every fear My soul awakens I know…

Writer(s):  Mack Brock, Hank Bentley

Related Categories: Love Songs To Jesus | Jesus Culture | First Love
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