Depth Of Mercy

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And Can It Be

depths of love divine 'Tis mercy all let earth adore Let angel minds inquire no more 'Tis mercy all let earth adore Let angel minds inquire no more Verse 3 He left His Father's throne above So free, so infinite His grace Emptied Himself of all but love And bled for Adam's helpless race 'Tis mercy

Writer(s):  Chris Eaton, Gareth Robinson, John Hartley


Light Will Shine – UNITED

…leave the past behind As we look to Your kingdom You bridge the great divide Between our hearts and Your glory Our shame dissolved In the depths of Your mercy Pre-Chorus We are devoted We are devoted to You Chorus 1 Your light will shine in the darkness Your light eill shing in the dark In the dark…

Writer(s):  Marty Sampson, Matt Crocker


Never Forsaken - Hillsong Worship

…Your side I know You won’t shy away I am never forsaken Verse 2 In dark and sleep-ness nights To You I’m holding tight I will rest in the depths of Your mercy You drench my weary soul Your Spirit overflows Here I soar in Your love Chorus Interlude Oh , Oh Bridge I’m covered by Your love It’s surging…

Writer(s):  Hannah Hobbs, Benjamin Hastings


May Our Praise – Leeland

…is over as Your love draws us closer Your grace goes on forever so we sing So we sing (Repeat Chorus) Verse 2 Ev'ry heart should feel the depth of Your mercy How beautiful is Your healing Father And teach us Lord to attract You even more We just want to be where You are Be where You are yeah (Repeat…

Writer(s):  Jack Mooring, Leeland Mooring


How Amazing - Jesus Culture

…grace that I have found I'm lost in wonder Here I am, undone Oh, how amazing How amazing Bridge Oh, the heights, the depths of Your great love At the cross, it was finished, Your mercy won Your scars reflect my healing, I stand redeemed The weight of sin is lifted, I’m running free REPEAT Chorus X2…

Writer(s):  Kim Walker-Smith, Jason Ingram, Lindsey Sweat, Hillary McBride


I Know That My Redeemer Lives

…You from above Your goodness thankfully adores And sure, I taste Your love (Repeat Chorus) Bridge Your love I soon expect to find In all its depth and height To comprehend the eternal mind And grasp the infinite (Repeat Chorus) Copyright © 2008 Thankyou Music (PRS) (adm. worldwide at…

Writer(s):  Chris Eaton, John Hartley


The Length Of The Cross - Chris Quilala

…With the world on Your shoulders You were calling my name REPEAT CHORUS Bridge There is no height There is no depth Greater than the length of the cross There is no height There is no depth Greater than the length of the cross |2x| REPEAT CHORUS Chorus 2 How long will You wait for me And how vast is…

Writer(s):  Chris Quilala, Ran Jackson


Counting Every Blessing - Rend Collective

…You were there in the depth of my sorrows You're my strength, my hope for tomorrow I’ve been blessed beyond all measure Repeat Chorus Instrumental 2x Oh, You are good to me Bridge Surely Your goodness pursues me Surely Your heart is still for me I will remember Your mercies All my days Through every…

Writer(s):  Rend Collective


Rescuer – Chris McClarney

…From the heavens You came To the depths of the grave To redeem for Your praise Rescuer Jesus You overcame Death itself for our sake Let the world now proclaim Rescuer Chorus O what a Saviour Freedom forever We lift our hands with chains undone Hearts that know mercy Cannot stay silent We sing the…

Writer(s):  Cathy Parks, Johnny Parks, Nick Herbert


Save Us – Bellarive

…Chorus We’re calling out Save us Save us Verse 5 Oh the sin that longs to kill us Is waiting by our graves Even here Your love would meet us What depth of grace Your grip remains Bridge Ransom Your daughters Fight for Your sons God for Your glory We know You’ll come Save us, You must. For Your glory…

Writer(s):  Josh Luker, Melissa Mage, Mike Mage, Sean Curran


My Heart Is Filled – Stuart Townend

Verse 1 My heart is filled with thankfulness To Him who bore my pain Who plumbed the depths of my disgrace And gave me life again Who crushed my curse of sinfulness And clothed me with His light And wrote His law of righteousness With pow'r upon my heart Verse 2 My heart is filled with thankfulness…

Writer(s):  Keith Getty, Stuart Townend


Divine Invitation

…to find The place where our restless souls Will be free We were all made to see Our hearts could not rest Until found in thee Bridge Sweet sweet Savior come Near us now Into the depths of our hearts Ending Sweet sweet breath of life You fulfill With the warmth of Your love The mystery of Your ways

Writer(s):  Eric Owyoung, Steve Hindalong