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WONDER | New Album from Hillsong United

…adding to it. This is the challenge, and this is what worship— if worship can be summed up as an expression of art and music and story— is ultimately designed to do. To elevate the conversation, re-awaken the soul to something other, and lift our eyes to the wonder of a superlative truth." We hope…

Worship Leader

Mack Brock

…worldwide. Three of Mack’s songs have landed in the Top 50 on CCLI, and four in the Top 100 CCLI songs. Mack served as the music producer and a key worship leader with Elevation Worship for a decade, and has led thousands in worship in arenas and auditoriums all across the United States. Mack is…


Revolutionary Love

…revolutionary. You’re a revolution; I want to be revolutionary. You’re a revolution I want to be love, love, love. Revolutionary love. Copyright © 2003 worshiptogether.com Songs/sixsteps music (both administered by EMI Christian Music Publishing)/Inot Music. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Writer(s):  David Crowder, Jack Parker, Jeremy Bush


Heart of Heaven - Brenton Brown

…heart I’m in the heart, I’m in the heart Bridge Oh love, great love that calls my name And from the start, my heart is changed You overcome, You elevate I cannot help but sing Your praise REPEAT BRIDGE REPEAT CHORUS Vamp Love, great love that calls my name Love, great love that calls my name Love,…

Writer(s):  Matt Maher, Brenton Brown

5 Questions for Bellarive's Sean Curran

…an actual testimony! We see this modeled for us all throughout the Psalms, which are really the largest biblical resources we have for worship music. They are not so much generalized statements as they are personal encounters. When a song is written from a personal vantage point, I think it actually…

Related Categories: Wonder | Purpose | Elevation Worship
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