Enthrone In Your Glory

  1. Enthrone In Your Glory
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Oh The Glory Of His Presence

…Where You're enthroned As You rose from death in pow'r So rise within our worship Rise upon our praise And let the hand that saw You raised Clothe us in Your glory Draw us by Your grace Ending Come and rise from Your rest And be blessed by our praise As we glory in Your embrace As Your presence…

Writer(s):  Steve Fry


Lord Strong And Mighty

…all You're the Lord strong and mighty Jesus You the center of it all Our God is strong and mighty Verse 2 Nations rise and fall You're unshakable You're the everlasting light All creation cries Make way for the risen King Our God has the victory Bridge Forevermore You'll be enthroned in glory Our…

Writer(s):  Ben Cantelon, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes


The Servant King

…Babe, Entered our world, Your glory veiled; Not to be served but to serve, And give Your life that we might live. Chorus This is our God, the Servant King, He calls us now to follow Him, To bring our lives as a daily offering Of worship to the Servant King. Verse 2 There in the garden of tears, My…

Writer(s):  Graham Kendrick