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Draw Me Close

…Draw me close, I am lost without you Help me know, I am yours alone Draw me close, I will walk beside You This I know, God is here with me Verse 2 You are everything I need Be my comfort, be my peace Your love keeps chasing after me You are Jesus, You are God Bridge You are with me always Even now,…

Writer(s):  Joel Wardle, Luke Hellebronth, Nikki Fletcher


Yours - Chapman

Capo 1 Verse 1 I walk the streets of London And notice in the faces passing by Something that makes me stop and listen My heart grows heavy with the cry Where is the hope for London You whisper and my heart begins to soar As I'm reminded every street in London is Yours Verse 2 I walk the dirt roads…

Writer(s):  Jonas Myrin, Steven Curtis Chapman


Even When It Hurts (Praise Song) - UNITED

Intro Verse 1 Take this fainted heart Take these tainted hands Wash me in Your love Come like grace again Chorus 1 Even when my strength is lost, I'll praise You Even when I have no song, I'll praise You Even when it's hard to find the words Louder then I'll sing Your praise I will only sing Your…

Writer(s):  Joel Houston


Find Me In The River

…pretty crowns But never paid the price Chorus Find me in the river Find me there Find me on my knees With my soul laid bare Even though You're gone And I'm cracked and dry Find me in the river I'm waiting here Verse 2 Find me in the river Find me on my knees I've walked against the water Now I'm…

Writer(s):  Martin Smith


Carry Me On Your Back

Verse 1 Even heroes fall down And mountains won't last forever But Your promise never fails When the ocean is raging I find stillness in Your presence And I lift my voice to say Jesus, take me away Chorus Carry me on Your back Through the storm, Lord Carry me on Your back Through the storm, Lord…

Writer(s):  Ed Cash, Jack Mooring, Leeland Mooring


Weep With Me - Rend Collective

…this heart Lord, I believe that You weep with me Instrumental Verse 2 Part the seas Lord, make a way for me Here in the midst of my lament I have faith, yes, I still believe You love me Your plans are to prosper me You’re working everything for good even when I can't see Repeat Pre Chorus Repeat…

Writer(s):  Rend Collective


Heaven Came For Me - Chris Quilala

…Heaven came for me Love has marked my heart for eternity In Your kindness, You have chosen me Hallelujah, Heaven came For me Turnaround Verse 2 Your grace was there at my weakest moment Your joy was found in the midst of pain You have redeemed all that hell had stolen Through even death, You are…

Writer(s):  Hank Bentley, Chris Quilala, Bryan Fowler


See Me Through – Luke and Anna Hellebronth

…the wilderness, You find me Pull me deep into Your promise This is freedom, oh this light will never fade Chorus 1 Your love will always see Love will always see me through Even in the fire Love will always see me through I'm holding on to You Your love will see me through Verse 2 Perfect intention…

Writer(s):  Anna Hellebronth, Sam Bailey, Jimmy James, Josh Gauton, Luke Hellebronth


Never Gonna Let Me Go - Aaron Shust

…gonna let me go Chorus You won’t let go You’re never gonna let me go You won’t let go You’re never gonna let me go Verse 2 What can separate me When You are holding on? Even death won’t take me You’re never gonna let me go I said even death won’t take me You’re never gonna let me go Chorus Interlude…

Writer(s):  Aaron Shust, Benji Cowart


Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer – Keith and Kristyn Getty

…Your likeness let me wake Verse Jesus draw me ever nearer As I labor thro' the storm You have called me to this passage And I'll follow tho' I'm worn Verse 2 Jesus guide me thro' the tempest Keep my spirit staid and sure When the midnight meets the morning Let me love You even more Chorus 2 May this…

Writer(s):  Keith Getty, Margaret Becker


Nobody Loves Me Like You - Chris Tomlin

…restore me Forever saved my life Chorus Nobody loves me like You love me Jesus I stand in awe of Your amazing ways I worship You as long as I am breathing God, You are faithful and true Nobody loves me like You Interlude Verse 3 Mountains, You’re breaking down The weight of all my mountains Even

Writer(s):  Ed Cash, Scott Cash


You Are My Creator

…proclaim / Holy is Your name Bridge You're in my mind, You're in my heart You're always near, You're never far You bring me joy, You give me peace You love the world and even me Copyright © 2009 worshiptogether.com Songs (ASCAP) Itisreal Music.Com (ASCAP) Flock Street Music (ASCAP) Barrett Daddy…

Writer(s):  Ben Smith, Joseph Pat Barrett, Scotty Wilbanks

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