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Into Faith I Go - Pat Barrett

…been good at change If I’m honest it’s always scared me But I can’t deny this stirring deep inside me And I know it’s time to stop resisting ‘Cause I’m not getting any younger Fear is such a sad way to live a life So, face to the wind, I’m jumping out, I’m walking in Every single thing You want…

Writer(s):  Pat Barrett, Ed Cash


Every Little Thing - Hillsong Young And Free

…out for good Every little thing, everything will be alright Instrumental 2 Every little thing, every little thing Every little thing, everything will be alright Chorus Tag Whether I can see it now I know you will work it out for good Every little thing, everything will be alright Every little thing,

Writer(s):  Aodhan King, Michael Fatkin, Ben Tan, Bede Benjamin-Korporaal

Are You Starting a Band or Building a Worship Team?

…sound good. Worship teams pick songs that the church needs to sing. * A band always works toward the better gig. A worship team serves faithfully every week regardless of attendance. * Bands pick songs that they know will get a response. Worship teams pick songs that sometimes say things we don't…


Overflow – Matt Maher

…Your cup is poured Overflow in me my Lord Overflow in me my Lord Verse 3 Your worship of You It’s Your gift to us from You No one could give this gift but You Overflow in me Bridge We lift up our hearts We lift up our souls We lift up our minds And every good thing is Yours Every good thing is Yours

Writer(s):  Matt Maher


My Soul Magnifies The Lord – Chris Tomlin

…among Those on whom His favor rests (Repeat Pre-Chorus) Chorus My soul, my soul magnifies the Lord My soul magnifies the Lord He has done great things for me Great things for me Verse 3 Unto you a child is born Unto us a Son is giv'n Let every heart prepare His throne In every nation under Heav'n

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Daniel Carson


O God Of Love – Lou Fellingham

Chorus How good it is to be loved by You How good it is How good it is to be loved by You How good it is Verse 1 O God of love I come to You again Knowing I'll find mercy I can't explain all the things I see But I'll trust in You In every moment You are there Watching over You hear my prayer You go…

Writer(s):  Louise Fellingham, Nathan Fellingham


God Of Breakthrough - Mack Brock

…Even in the darkest storm You are always working miracles You work all things for our good There is no impossible Even in the darkest storm You are always working miracles You work all things for our good All things for our good Half-Chorus You're the God of breakthrough You’re our rescue You can…

Writer(s):  Mack Brock, Phillip Larue, Kyle Lee


Praise The Lord Who Reigns Above

…Verse 2 God in whom they move and live Let every creature sing Glory to their Maker give And homage to their King Hallowed be Thy name beneath As in heav'n on earth adored Praise the Lord in every breath Let all things praise the Lord Let all things praise the Lord (Repeat Chorus) Bridge Hallelujah,…

Writer(s):  Chris Eaton, John Hartley


Provider – Urban Rescue

…are good I believe you are with me Even now Verse 2 I believe You are greater Than every mountain that I face I believe You will supply all I need You’re all I need Chorus Till the ocean runs dry My god is my provider Though my heart it may fail Your love will light the way And if there’s one thing

Writer(s):  Jonathan Smith, Jordan Frye

Halls of Heaven | Seeking God’s Presence with Jesus Culture

…they must be. The overwhelming comfort and warmth from the light that shimmers taking up every space around you and the ability to freely and weightlessly run in the glory of God. We can’t even fathom how good it will be to walk with God and constantly experience Him.  Honor and majesty are [found]…


Breathing The Breath

Verse 1 We have nothing to give That didn’t first come from Your hands We have nothing to offer You Which You did not provide Every good perfect gift comes from Your kind and gracious heart And all we do is give back to You What always has been Yours Chorus Lord we're breathing the breath That You…

Writer(s):  Matt Redman


The River (Come On Down) - Hillary Scott

…wait no more! REPEAT CHORUS Bridge Every burden, every scar let the waters wash away No matter who you were before You belong to Christ today REFRAIN As I went down to the river to pray studying about that good ol’ way And who shall wear the robe and crown; good Lord show me the way O sister let’s…

Writer(s):  Josh Silverberg, Jordan Feliz