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Everything Glorious

…with You The night is lighter than its hue Would lead me to believe Which leads me to believe Chorus You make everything glorious You make everything glorious You make everything glorious And I am Yours What does that make me? Verse 2 My eyes are small but they have seen The beauty of enormous…

Writer(s):  David Crowder


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Watch and learn how to play 'Everything Glorious' from David Crowder.


Brother Moon

…being You’re glorious You’re holding us together all together Verse 2 Brother wind your clouds and your storms You’re breathing the breath of God in your lungs for us Mother earth, you’re giving us life with God’s open hand you always provide For us Bridge You are everything good, you are everything

Writer(s):  Lisa Gungor, Michael Gungor


Everything That I Am

…week You're the source of everything I need You're the light in my life n You're the hope in these times You're the only one who sets me free Chorus Wake up my soul and sing of what the Lord has done And is doing in my life And I will rise in the strength of Your glorious name And in the power of…

Writer(s):  Henry Cross, Marc James


With Everything – UNITED

…mighty to be praised Verse 3 God of all days Glorious in all of Your ways Oh the majesty the wonders and grace In the light of Your Name (Repeat Pre-Chorus) Chorus With everything With everything We will shout for Your glory With everything With everything We will shout forth Your praise Bridge Our…

Writer(s):  Joel Houston


Glorious Things - John Mark McMillan

…am young, sing till this Breath of mine is done The beauty surrounds You Chorus Glorious things are spoken You Glorious things too great to tell Glorious things are spoken of You You make everything Beautiful and glorious Verse 2 God, I will tell of Your kindness and strength The way You lifted and…

Writer(s):  John Mark McMillan, Sarah McMillan


Your Cross Is Enough – Worship Central

…heart Chorus We stand forgiven You have washed us whiter than snow Your cross is enough All of heaven celebrates Your glorious love Your cross is enough Verse 2 For everything You've done, and all that is to come Jesus, we will praise You There's nothing we can do, there's nothing we can say To…

Writer(s):  Evan Wickham, Luke Hellebronth, Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes


Majesty (O The Mystery) - Worship Central

…scatter of lightning You do it all, do it all Pre-Chorus O the mystery, I can’t explain Your heart O the beauty, of everything You are Chorus God beyond, the wildest dream Glorious, the great unseen The mountains bow before You Earth and heaven praise You You’re the one God only wise Who could ever…

Writer(s):  Nick Herbert, Sam Bailey, Jimmy James, Josh Gauton


Alive In Us

…and lifted up Jesus Jesus alive in us REPEAT INTRO Verse 2 You outshine the sun You are glorious You are glorious Lord over all You have made us new We owe it all to You In everything be exalted In everything be exalted (REPEAT CHORUS) (REPEAT INTRO) Bridge The enemy is under Your feet We are free…

Writer(s):  Jason Ingram, Reuben Morgan


Glory To The King – Peter Furler

…no more wondering why Pre-Chorus 2 One sound, one light, one glorious sight Chorus 2 A sea, a sea of voices sing glory to the King The King of everything Join in, lift up your hands and sing Glory to the King, the King of everything Bridge Sing, the King of Glory’s face is shining down Sing, for…

Writer(s):  Peter Furler, Seth Mosley, Steven V. Taylor


Magnificent - Matt Redman

…Chorus Magnificent You alone are Holy No one else as glorious as You Magnificent Jesus, You are worthy Who can shine as brightly as You do Magnificent You're so magnificent Verse 2 You're lighting up our lives Illuminate our hearts with everything You are higher than we ever could imagine Tag You…

Writer(s):  Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman


Tapestry – UNITED

Verse 1 Maker of earth and sky And everything before our eyes Your word formed life and light Within the crucible of time The genesis of all mankind Chorus Our lives a tapestry of grace Your hand has weaved together In You no thread will ever fray This hope is ours forever Your work of art a mystery…

Writer(s):  Ben Tennikoff, Joel Houston, Matt Crocker, Michael Guy Chislett, Scott Ligertwood

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