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He Was There

…I will sing to the Lord I will sing to the Lord He is high above and lifted up He is high above and lifted up In the desert He was there On the mountain He was there In the valley deep He was there Everywhere I look my God is there Copyright © 2009 Inot Music (ASCAP) (adm. at EMICMGPublishing.com)…

Writer(s):  David Crowder


Can You Feel It?

…You are there You're everywhere You are everywhere Bridge 1 When we can’t feel You there When we can’t see You there When we can’t comprehend that You are there You are there You're everywhere You are everywhere Our God is here Our God is here Our God is here Our God is here Bridge 2 We believe…

Writer(s):  David Crowder, Jeremy Bush, Mike Dodson, Patrick Dodd


Yours - Chapman

…And it's all Yours God, Yours God Everything is Yours You're the maker and keeper Father and ruler of everything (It's all Yours) Verse 3 And I walk the sidewalks of Nashville Like Singapore Manila and Shanghai I'm brushed by the beggar's hand And the wealthy man And everywhere I look I realize That…

Writer(s):  Jonas Myrin, Steven Curtis Chapman


No Greater Love

is no greater love than this No love but this Jesus Christ laid down His life for us There is no greater love than His No love but His Verse 2 To the city, to the world we go Set us free, heal the land You have promised, God, You can To the last and the least we go Everywhere You are Everywhere

Writer(s):  Audrey Assad, Chris Tomlin, Matt Maher


Our God Is Present

…our wealth If we look to God in prayer Our God is present everywhere Chorus Our God is present Our God is present Our God is present everywhere Verse 3 When our earthly comforts fade When the pain of life prevails Now is the time for earnest prayer Our God is present everywhere (Repeat Chorus) Verse…

Writer(s):  Josh White


God Of Brilliant Lights

…saints everywhere be heard Praise the God who has come to cure every broken heart Verse 2 He is Lord over all; His reign will never end Through the fire and the flood, He draws His children in He's the light of the world brighter than the brightest star Chorus The God of brilliant lights is shining…

Writer(s):  Aaron Shust, Ed Cash, Scott Cash

Worship Leader

Casting Crowns

…to evaluate their relationship with God and with each other. “The basic idea is let God define himself through you and if you’ll do that, you’re going to thrive,” It may look at times like things are getting darker and darker, but they are not. Everywhere you go, you can see light and light wins.…



…can see miracles Your wonders everywhere Here is my life Lord You can use me To show the world You care Pre-Chorus You made me, You saved me Lord You called me, and gave me Jesus Chorus Supernatural, supernatural God All things are possible Supernatural, supernatural God I'm gonna praise You Verse 2…

Writer(s):  Beci Wakerley, David Wakerley, Julia A'bell

Worship Leader

Hillsong Worship

With a catalogue sung by an estimated 50 million people worldwide each week, Hillsong Worship is passionate about equipping and mobilizing believers everywhere with Christ-centered songs of God-glorifying worship for the building of the Church. For almost three decades Hillsong Worship has served…


Sing - Pardo

…To the One who is our King He has come to bring redemption to us God is with us Glory in the highest, everybody sing Verse 2: We have found our hope again In the Son of God and Son of Man This Savior King is changing all we know By carrying the curse we bear For everybody everywhere He lived and…

Writer(s):  Jeff Pardo, Josh Wilson

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