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God of Miracles - Chris McClarney

…every need Surely He will come and rescue me Chorus God of miracles come We need Your supernatural love to break through Nothing's impossible You're the God of miracles Verse 2 Let faith arise and see the kingdom come I lift my eyes, oh for the battle has been won My God is faithful, oh and every…

Writer(s):  Chris McClarney, Jordan Frye, Chad Bohi


Miracles - Jesus Culture

…One who put death in its place His life is flowing through my veins His life is flowing through my veins Chorus |2x| Bridge The God who was and is to come the power of the Risen One the God who brings the dead to life You're the God of miracles! You're the God of miracles! |2x| Chorus Bridge Chorus

Writer(s):  Josh Silverberg, Stuart Garrard, Chris Quilala, Dustin Smith

Miracles - Song Story

God of miracles.” No matter your circumstance God does not change. Through the storm He remains the same. He is good and He is our comforter. If you need a miracle in your life don’t lose hope! Continue to believe and have faith to see impossibilities bow at His name. Our God is the God of miracles.


More To Come - Passion

…the God who gives the miracle We believe Verse 2 You’re the God who parts the ocean wide Just to bring us closer to Your side You’re the God who brings the dead to life We believe, oh, we believe Chorus God, how great You are Great things You have done For everything we’ve seen There is more to come

Writer(s):  Jason Ingram, Phil Wickham, Brett Younker, Kristian Stanfill

When I Think Upon Christmas || Song Devotional

…when He needed to. All of the silence of heaven was not an abandonment from God, but a preparation for God. Emmanuel, God with us. So, when you have seasons of silence, thank God for the promise of the miracle to come. Worship the One who came to break the silence in our hearts and, with all glory…


Awesome In This Place

…King We've come together now to worship Him This house is built on Christ our Rock Cannot be shaken cannot be shaken Chorus God is awesome in this place We sense His presence As we sing His praise There is power here for miracles To set the captives free And make the broken whole God is awesome He's…

Writer(s):  Ned Davies


Greater Than All

…for our words No mind contains The splendor of all that You are Chorus Our God Our God has done great things Our God is greater than all Verse 3 Miracles are Your memorial The promise of wonders to come You are the Author God You complete it all Interlude Woah Woah Woah Bridge All of the praise unto…

Writer(s):  Autumn Hardman, Dave Hodgson


I'm Getting Ready - Tasha Cobbs Leonard

…when I cried I knew I’d be fine Prepared for a miracle blessing in these times Now praise Him, raise ‘em, name it, claim it Every tongue that rises up against me Shame it I breathe success in and out my lungs Got the power of life and death coming out my tongue Bridge Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh repeat…

Writer(s):  Tasha Cobbs


Glory To Glory - Worship Central

…alive for all the world to see Verse 2 Everyday a miracle Walking in the way of grace With the sound of heavens roar Calling us to live for so much more Chorus From glory to glory Greater things are still to come Our anthem, our story Faithful our God will be Verse 3 Risen with the Son of life We…

Writer(s):  Nick Herbert, Jimmy James, Luke Hellebronth, Tim Hughes


Songs in The Night - Matt Redman

…it does, I'll wait here God, You can part the raging sea Bring the miracle I need Lord until it comes, I'll wait here and I will Chorus Sing songs in the night, praise in the storm You're God in it all and I will stand I'll be still and know, whatever may come You're God in it all Verse 2 I am in…

Writer(s):  Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman, Jason Ingram


For No Other Reason - Jesus Culture

…I will come For no other reason But You and You alone For no other reason REPEAT Chorus Interlude Bridge 1 You are the miracle That makes the seas move All I need, God I find in You You’re every victory You’re every breakthrough All I need, God I find in You Bridge 2 You are the miracle That makes…

Writer(s):  Chris Quilala, Tommy Iceland, Mia Fieldes, Andrew Holt


Glory In The Highest – Travis Cottrell

…Bridge Come and worship Come and worship Worship Christ the new-born King Come and worship Come and worship Worship Christ the new-born King Interlude Verse 3 Who could have imagined this? Infant and the Infinite King of all so meek and mild God and sinner reconciled REPEAT CHORUS 2 Bridge Come and…

Writer(s):  Travis Cottrell, Ben Cantelon, Jeff Pardo

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