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Isaiah 55 (Nothing You Can't Do)

Verse 1 All who thirst come to the waters Leave your barren land Forget the past and look ahead Hear the words that satisfy That your soul may live Such faithful love He longs to give Chorus We will bless the Lord And we will be led forth There's nothing You can't do There's nothing You can't do, O…

Writer(s):  Katie Gustafson


Salvation's Song

…the chorus of creation Giving praise to Christ alone Verse 3 All the chains of Satan's curse Lifted through His offering Satisfied through suffering All the blessings He deserves Poured on my unworthy soul Repeat Chorus Bridge Singing glory, honor, wisdom, power To the Lamb upon the throne…

Writer(s):  Andrew Small, Stuart Townend


We Exalt Your Name

…sing The worship of the King of Kings Pre-Chorus For Jesus reigns Over all He reigns Chorus We exalt Your name High above the heavens We exalt Your name All of creation sing praise Verse 2 Your presence fills and satisfies Tears down the walls we hide behind Oh, God of every aching heart We long for…

Writer(s):  Kari Jobe, Matt Maher


Walk Around My House - John Mark McMillan

…of Your face My heart will be satisfied Chorus I will hope in the Lord I will hope in the Lord I will hope in the Lord I will hope in the Lord Bridge Let Him be know for who He is, who He really is Let Him be known for who He is, who He really is Let Him be known for who He is, a God of love

Writer(s):  John Mark Mcmillan, Sarah McMillan



…Verse 1 Soon and very soon I'll be going to the place He has prepared for me There my sin erased my shame forgotten Soon and very soon Chorus 1 I will be with the One I love With unveiled face I'll see Him There my soul will be satisfied Soon and very soon Verse 3 Soon and very soon see the…

Writer(s):  Brooke Ligertwood


Gethsemane Hymn

…love are satisfied And every sin is paid And every sin is paid Verse 3 What took Him to this wretched place What kept Him on this road His love for Adam's cursed race For every broken soul No sin too slight to overlook No crime too great to carry All mingled in this poisoned cup And yet He drank it…

Writer(s):  Keith Getty, Stuart Townend

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