He Will Carry You

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He Will Carry You

…that He will carry you I know my brother that He will carry you Chorus 2 If He carried the weight of the world Upon His shoulders I know my sister that He will carry you If He carried the weight of the world Upon His shoulders I know my sister He will carry you I know my sister He will carry you

Writer(s):  Scott Wesley Brown

Gracefully Broken | Thoughts Inspired by Matt Redman

…we get weak as we carry ourselves day to day, but God is willing to lift us up and bring us rest. He wants us to reside in His strength, to surrender to His thoughts, and in Him our broken hearts will be made whole. God doesn’t ignore you in your brokenness, He desires you.   “Your power at work…


While You Were Sleeping – Casting Crowns

…no room for Him, In the world He came to save. Jerusalem what you have missed, While you were sleeping. The Savior of the world, Is dying on a cross today. Jerusalem you will go down in history, As a city with no room for its King, While you were sleeping, While you were sleeping. United States of…

Writer(s):  Mark Hall


Get Down

…set you free From the burdens you can't carry all alone yeah Pre-Chorus 2 In your weakness He is stronger In your darkness He shines through When you're cryin' He's your comfort When you're all alone He's carryin' you Chorus 2 I get down He lifts me up I get down He lifts me up I get down He lifts…

Writer(s):  Ben Cissell, Bob Herdman, Mark Stuart, Tyler Burkum, Will Mcginniss

When You're Out of the Picture

…to meet new people who show up, making sure the person doing announcements knows where their mic will be… and that’s all before you get up and say “Good morning!” on Sunday. When a Sunday comes and you aren’t there, it’s important to have clarity for these tasks and know who’s responsible for making…


All Glory

…is Your love That never gives up on me Stronger than shame Carries me back to You Jesus, my Redeemer You have made a way Chorus All glory to God who is able All power and praise Forever the earth will proclaim You are mighty, You are mighty Verse 2 So great is Your love It keeps all its promises…

Writer(s):  Martin Smith, Nikki Fletcher, Tim Hughes


God Is In Control – Twila Paris

…been true It will be true forever Brdige He has never let you down Why start to worry now Why start to worry now He is still the Lord of all we see And He is still the loving Father Watching over you and me Watching over you Watching over me Watching over ev'rything Watching over you Watching over…

Writer(s):  Twila Paris


In God We Trust - Hillsong Worship

…name We hope I know, God will not be shaken God is here with us, He’s already won I know God will not be shaken Verse 2 We will follow where You go We will trust through the unknown I know You go before, I know You go before Lead my heart now in Your ways For we’re carrying Your name Your promise…

Writer(s):  Ben Fielding, Reuben Morgan, Eric Liljero

5 Questions for Bellarive's Sean Curran

…write and sing songs to God. Not just about or in light of God, but directly to Him. What’s even more overwhelming is that….. He listens. For this reason alone, I will sing. We are coming to the table with songs that are extremely personal. I think that is important for the church. One of the ways…


The Word Is Alive – Casting Crowns

…who believe The word is alive and the world and its glories will fade but Him truth, it will not pass away It remains yesterday and forever the same The word is alive Verse 2 Simple strokes on a page Eternities secret revealed carried on from age to age It speaks truth to us even still And as the…

Writer(s):  Mark Hall, Steven Curtis Chapman

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