Heaven Waits For Me

  1. Heaven Waits For Me
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As It Is (In Heaven) - Hillsong Worship

…Pre-Chorus 1 I know You love me I know You found me I know You saved me And your grace will never fail me And while I’m waiting, I’m not waiting I know heaven lives in me Verse 2 Should I suffer long this is not my home I know heaven waits for me Though the night is dark heaven owns my heart I’ve…

Writer(s):  Ben Fielding, Joel Houston


That's What We Came Here For – Hillsong Worship

…to celebrate All of heaven's waiting Pow'r is on its way So we shout hallelujah Lifting to You A mighty roar of praise Chorus You deserve the highest praise That we can give and more Lord we give You our praise That's what we came here for (Repeat) Bridge Everything within me Reaches out to You Your…

Writer(s):  Darlene Zschech, Russell Fragar


Home - Chris Tomlin

…what it was meant to be All this pain, all this suffering There's a better place waiting for me in heaven Every tear will be wiped away Every sorrow and sin erased We'll dance on seas of amazing grace in heaven In heaven, I'm going Chorus Home where the streets are golden Every chain is broken Oh I…

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Scott Cash

Song Devotional | "Home" by Chris Tomlin

…because we were made for something more. “For this world is not our permanent home,” Hebrews says, “we are looking forward to a home yet to come” (Heb. 13:14). This world is not what it was meant to be All this pain, all this suffering There’s a better place waiting for me In heaven Our real home…


The Length Of The Cross - Chris Quilala

…will You wait for me And how vast is Your love for me And how far would You run for me The length of the cross How wide is Your heart for me And how high is Your hope for me And what price did You pay for me The length of the cross Turnaround Verse 2 You stepped down from heaven, for beggars and…

Writer(s):  Chris Quilala, Ran Jackson


Impact - Chris Tomlin

…I feel Heaven drawing closer As I lay down my defenses Your love invades, and I brace for the impact Bridge Love like a mighty river Like a rushing wind Sweeps through me Right through me Love like a thousand oceans Like a symphony Sweeps through me Right through me | N.C. | Right through me

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Mitch Wong, Tommy Iceland


God Is Coming – Jesus Culture

…so I will wait for You Your fire of love is breaking through The old has gone there's something new You've won my heart so I will wait for You Pre-Chorus For my God is coming We can hear the heavens roar Hold on get ready For the glory of the Lord Chorus Here You come Running to find me King of the…

Writer(s):  Martin Smith, Tim Hughes


Here With You - Hillsong Worship

…When the sunlight breaks and The day has just begun , In the still I wait For Your voice to lead me on Eternity residing in my soul, oh, I'll follow You till the Day You call me home Chorus Here now with You I have heaven in me Everything's changed and I Will never be without You Without You Verse…

Writer(s):  Jamie Snell, Johannes Shore, Joshua Grimmett


Sovereign Over Us – Michael W. Smith

…Reigning high above the heavens Reaching down in endless grace You're the lifter of the lowly Compassionate and kind You surround and You uphold me Your promises are my delight Bridge Even what the enemy means for e - vil You turn it for our good You turn it for our good and for Your glory Even in…

Writer(s):  Aaron Keyes, Bryan Brown, Jack Mooring


New Creation – Leeland

…of love Waiting for the light of the Son To fall on me ‘til I am undone You pulled me out of the mud Up from the miry clay You've washed all my sins away I’ve been redeemed Chorus I am a new creation I have been born again Verse 2 I'm here... here in the world But my home is in a heavenly place Far…

Writer(s):  Ed Cash, Jack Mooring, Leeland Mooring


Oh Great Love Of God – David Crowder Band

…Gift of love a perfect life All for a wayward bride All for a wayward bride See the lion and the lamb How He sits at Your right hand Waiting to come again Waiting to come again Chorus Oh, great love of God Who takes away the sin of all of us Gone forever Heaven opened wide in a resurrection You…

Writer(s):  David Crowder, Mark Waldrop, Matt Maher


Ghost – Crowder

…ready for Your fire to fall We’re ready for Your voice to call We’re ready for Your lightning come We’re ready, into Your arms we run We’re ready, let the heavens part We’re ready for the angel songs We’re ready for death be done We’re ready for Your kingdom come We’re ready, like a waiting bride…

Writer(s):  David Crowder, Ed Cash

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