Hunger For God

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What If His People Prayed

…plate Took a stand upon God's promise And stormed hell's rusty gates Verse 2 And what would happen if we prayed For those raised up to lead the way Then maybe kids in school could pray And unborn children see light of day What if the life that we pursue Came from a hunger for the truth What if the…

Writer(s):  Mark Hall, Steven Curtis Chapman


Message Of The Cross

…But the glory of God For Jesus You conquered sin And You gave us new life Verse 3 This is the message of the cross That we can be free To hunger for heaven Lord To hunger for Thee The cross is such foolishness To the perishing But to us who are being saved It is the power of God Chorus 2 You set us…

Writer(s):  Martin Smith


O Church Arise

…outcome is se - cure And Christ will have The prize for which He died And in - heri - tance of na - tions Verse 3 Come see the cross Where love and mercy meet As the Son of God is strick - en \Then see His foes lie Crushed beneath His feet For the Conquer - or has ris - en And as the stone is rolled…

Writer(s):  Keith Getty, Stuart Townend


I Am The Bread Of Life

…eat this Bread will never die I am God's love revealed I am broken that you might be healed Verse 1 All who eat of this heavenly Bread All who drink this cup of the covenant You will live forever for I will raise you up Verse 2 No one who comes to Me shall ever hunger again No one who believes shall…

Writer(s):  John Michael Talbot, Little Portion


Holy Spirit Living Breath Of God

…path of peace Turn my strivings into works of grace Breath of God show Christ in all I do Verse 3 Holy Spirit from creation's birth Giving life to all that God has made Show Your power once again on earth Cause Your church to hunger for Your ways Let the fragrance of our pray'rs arise Lead us on the…

Writer(s):  Keith Getty, Stuart Townend


Kingdom Come (Lift Up Your Heads) - KXC

…who hunger for more The Lord is at hand and His kingdom is yours Lift up a shout, let the earth hear your voice The Lord is at hand and His kingdom is yours Chorus God, let Your kingdom come May Your will be done God, let Your kingdom come God, let Your kingdom come May Your will be done God, let…

Writer(s):  Rich Di Castiglione


The Table

…table of the Lord Oh, and I won't suffer anymore at His table REPEAT CHORUS Bridge I know He has a place for me Oh, what joy will fill my heart With the saints around the mercy seat of God Chorus 2 (KEY CHANGE) Come all you weary, come and find His yoke is easy His burden light He is able He will…

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Wayne Jolley


Hear Our Prayer

…prayer Spirit come How I long for Your sweet touch Verse 2 On my knees I cry out Jesus Saviour Behold Your child Chorus Like a deer longing for water My soul yearns Only You can fill my deep hunger My heart burns My heart burns Verse 3 Oceans deep Mountains high O my God I cannot live without Your…

Writer(s):  Tanya Riches