I Will Stand My Ground

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I Know - Kim Walker Smith

…of my enemies When the storm is crashing down on me I will trust in what I cannot see I wait for You, I wait for You Pre-Chorus You can part the violent sea You can reach the depths of me Chorus I know nothing is impossible I know every chain is breakable I know on Christ the solid rock I stand

Writer(s):  Jordan Frye, Kim Walker-Smith, Skyler Smith


I Stand For You

…Jesus I stand for You No matter what You lead me through They will chase me out And close me down But Jesus I'll stand for You Chorus I'll always stand I'll always stand I'll always stand for You I'll always stand I'll always stand I'll always stand for You Verse 2 Jesus I've stood my ground When…

Writer(s):  John Ellis


Yet Will I Praise You - Passion

…call Should the shadows hide the light From my eyes Should the winds rage Should the ground shake Should the valley last for miles and miles Chorus Yet will I praise You Yet will I praise You Hallelujah, hallelujah Yet will I praise You Yet will I praise You Hallelujah, hallelujah Verse 2 Through…

Writer(s):  Hank Bentley, Mia Fieldes


Rock Of Ages (You Will Stand) – Paul Baloche

…Rock of ages you will stand Our foundation until the end Never failing, God unchanging Rock of ages you will stand Verse 2 When darkness seems to hide Your face I rest on Your unchanging grace great is Your faithfulness great is Your love oh God In every high and stormy gale My anchor holds within…

Writer(s):  Brenton Brown, Paul Baloche


Can I Ascend

…The mountain Lord My heart unveiled before You I will come Verse Can I ascend The hill of the Lord Can I stand In that holy place There to approach The glory of my God Come towards To seek Your face Purify my heart And purify my hands For I know it is On holy ground I'll stand Ending I'm coming to…

Writer(s):  Matt Redman


Give Us Your Courage

…backing down I will stand my ground Lifting high the name of Jesus Holding out Your light To a world in need Living out the love of Jesus Pre-Chorus And though the battles rage Your blessing still will come Chorus To the ends of the earth we will go To the ends of the earth we will go Fill us with…

Writer(s):  Tim Hughes


True North - Rend Collective

…are my true north Oh, (I will follow You into the dark, dark, dark) Oh, Oh, (I will follow You with all my heart, heart, heart) Oh, Verse 2 I will not let my failures turn into the curse of shame I will not walk beneath the clouds that taunt me and condemn For I will stand on solid ground the shadow…

Writer(s):  Rend Collective


Here With Me - Tim Hughes

…2 When faith is shaken, when fear surround My feet will stand on solid ground In every season, my song will be Oh God, Be here with me Chorus Verse 3 And in that moment we're face to face I will not need these eyes of faith Forever after, God I will see that You've always been with me Oh, You've…

Writer(s):  Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes, Phil Wickham


Full Of Faith - Cody Carnes

…Your word is a sword from my mouth I'm telling fear it has to go Your promise is my solid ground I'm standing strong on anchored hope Pre-Chorus This mountain that is rising up in front of me Will fall into the sea The God who conquered death for all eternity Is now my victory Chorus You never fail…

Writer(s):  Cody Carnes, Jason Ingram


Voice Of Truth – Casting Crowns

…put the giant on the ground And the waves they don't seem so high From on top of them looking down I will soar with the wings of eagles When I stop and listen to the sound Of Jesus singing over me Ending I will listen and believe 'Cause Jesus You are The voice of truth And I will listen to You You…

Writer(s):  Mark Hall, Steven Curtis Chapman

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