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playIn The Presence Of Jehovah

Writer(s): Becky Davis, Geron Davis


playIn His Presence

Writer(s): Melodie Tunney, Dick Tunney


playBe Still (For the Presence of the Lord Is Here)

Writer(s): David Evans


playHoly Ground

Writer(s): Geron Davis


playThe Presence Of The Lord Is Here

Writer(s): Kurt Carr


playGlory Of His Presence, Oh The

Writer(s): Steve Fry

Is It Okay To Have Fun While Leading Worship? | Worship Together

…cassius Ndovie September 15, 2014 at 3:02 am Psalms 16 : 11 says “in His presence is the fulness of Joy…” so if one cant express it or feel the ‘fun’ of being in the presence of the Father then definately he/she has to check how is He/she is standing…

Engaging Your Church in Worship - The Art of Disappearing | Worship Together

…lead people to a place where they are engaging with God in those moments and experience His presence in their lives – a place where the daily grind of life and everything surrounding them in those moments fades away and it becomes just them and God…

3 Dangerous Assumptions for Worship Leaders | Worship Together

…identity wrapped up in their artistry .. ahem .. but another assumption I have had and continue to deal with is this idea that if people aren’t singing, if people aren’t engaged, if people aren’t revelling in the sweet presence of Jesus during…

Lisa Gungor - Women In Worship | Worship Together

…Gungor The best thing about living in Colorado (aside from the amazing weather, hippie folk, and having not one, but TWO Snooze locations) are the mountains.  Mountains offer this sort of escape from regular life.  The: get up, feed the baby and/ or…

Liz Parker • at Worship Together

…over the congregation during worship, selecting music for next Sunday’s set, etc., you still play a part in leading people into the presence of God. Your participation is setting an example for the congregation to follow. You are leading too. Once you…


playYour Presence

Writer(s): Chad Bohi, Pat Little