It's A Happy Day

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Happy Day

…The greatest day in history, Death is beaten, You have rescued me Sing it out, Jesus is alive The empty cross, the empty grave Life eternal, You have won the day Shout it out, Jesus is alive, He's alive Chorus And oh, happy day, happy day You washed my sin away Oh, happy day, happy day I'll never be…

Writer(s):  Ben Cantelon, Tim Hughes


Happy Day – Crowder

…Hallelujah, happy day Chorus Woah, Lord, sweet, sweet freedom Woah, sin washed away Woah, Lord, ain’t that worth dancing Hallelujah, happy day Instrumental Verse 2 Low in the grave my Savior lay Hell thought it won, but hell hoped in vain Angels came flying, stone rolled away Hallelujah, happy day

Writer(s):  David Crowder, Ed Cash, Solomon Olds


Let It Rain (Is There Anybody) – Crowder

happiness Turned out sad Pre-Chorus 1 And I know I can’t trust in the things that I see All I know, He’s at work and He’s working on me Chorus 1 So let it rain, let it pour Lord, I need You more and more Let it rain, rain down on me Every day, whatever You want Not my will but Yours, Lord Let it

Writer(s):  David Crowder, Ed Cash

|| I Know A Ghost || New Album From Crowder

…Crowder's new album is a great option for a worship setlist at your church. The album features new songs like "Red Letters," "Hundred Miles" and "Ghost." Check below for links to song resources and New Song Cafés! Red Letters Let It Rain (Is There Anybody) No Rival Happy Day Hundred Miles Ghost  


Believe - Jimi Cravity

…everything You are everything Verse 3 Is it crazy that I’m dancing in the rain? And I’m smiling cause there’s no more days of pain There’s a fire inside of me And it burns so bright with the life You give to me Verse 4 I know it’s real cause we’re not trying It’s our love cause there’s no fighting…

Writer(s):  Jimi Cravity, Shama Joseph, David Arthur Garcia, Calvin Willis

How to Handle the Unexpected

…the last song. Not today! As soon as the iPad powered off it sent a bone rattling buzz into the mains that wouldn't stop until I yanked the cable out of the iPad. At this point, I was ready to curl up in the fetal position and go to my happy place or grab the prayer oil and begin casting the demons…

Related Categories: Happy Day | Oh Happy Day | Celebration Songs
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