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Worthy Of Your Name - Passion

…a Savior Holiness with human hands Treasure for the traitor No ear had heard no eye had seen the image of the Father until heaven came to live with me A rescue like no other Chorus You are worthy You are worthy of Your name! You are worthy You are worthy of Your name Jesus Verse 2 You did not speak…

Writer(s):  Brenton Brown, Brett Younker, Sean Curran


How Far - Matt Redman

…known No greater love was ever seen We set our hearts on pilgrimage We’re caught up in Your story too From Beth-le-hem to Cal-va-ry Our hearts will always follow You Chorus 3 How far how far Savior lead us to Your heart How far how far Jesus lead us to Your heart Outro O Jesus lead us to Your heart

Writer(s):  Matt Redman, Chris Eaton


One Like Us - Mack Brock

…Chorus One like us. there’s no one like Jesus How wonderful is Your love God with us, in glory, in power I’ll praise You forevermore Verse 2 Majesty humbled, love came down Unequaled surrender replaced a crown Who died on a hill where grace was born Humanity rescued, no longer torn Pre-Chorus 2 How…

Writer(s):  Mack Brock, Nick Herbert, Sam Bailey, KB


Make Us One - Evan Wickham

…They’ll know us by our love, they’ll know us by our love What will become of us if all we want is blood Chorus 1: Father make us one a new humanity Jesus send your love, let division cease Spirit grant us peace, blessed Trinity Make us one like you are one Intro Verse 2: A barren wasteland burning…

Writer(s):  Aaron Keyes, Bryan Brown, Evan Wickham, Michael Gungor


Endless Light

…made whole Every human heart will declare as one Great is the love of the Saviour Chorus 1 Lord of endless light Let Your glory shine forever All the earth All the earth sing Your praise Verse 3 From the mountain heights to the valleys low All created things given life to show Jesus we live for Your…

Writer(s):  Dean Ussher, Karl Cashwell

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing || Song Devotional

…of the Savior King, who will reconcile God with man.  He will bring peace to earth.  Born of a virgin, He will let us see the Godhead veiled in human flesh and will willingly be God with us, our Emmanuel! The verbs of the carol are pregnant with encouragement to worship the Savior.  We are urged…



…renovates the human hearts And gives the broken brand new starts Redeption flowing from His hand We all can start at life again Heaven stands to celebrate For the ones who come today Pre-Chorus So come just as you are Come just as you are Chorus Chainbreaker, Heart Savior Jesus, the great Re deemer…

Writer(s):  Brian Bergman, Charlie Hall, Dustin Ragland, Kendall Combes, Quint Anderson

4 Thoughts on Presentation vs Performance

…His family would probably leave as well! Seriously, we are humans and God made us to be sensitive to one another's emotions, facial expressions, vocal inflection and body movements. This isn't bad. This is how God made us! Think about how Jesus taught. He used relatable stories, hyperbole, humor and…


Will Reagan & Brock Human Interview (United Pursuit, Worship Leader, Jesus Culture)


Will Reagan and Brock Human are founding members of United Pursuit, a worship band from Knoxville, TN.

Worship Leader

Luke and Anna Hellebronth

…both at home and abroad. The songs that Luke and Anna write inspire a confidence in Jesus and awaken us to the reality of His Kingdom here on earth. Through music and lyric they seek to connect humanity to the eternal.  The couple, who recently welcomed their first child together, have embraced…

Related Categories: Worthy Of Your Name | One Like Us | Wise Men
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