Let Your Light Shine

  1. Let Your Light Shine
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God Who Saves

light of the world, shining in love, taking the fall, upon Your shoulders You shattered the dark as you rose to life again You search all the earth for those who are lost and leaving the rescued for the fallen You're leading us home as we call upon Your Name Chorus You're the God who saves You're

Writer(s):  Sam Knock


Glimmer in the Dust - UNITED

…reflection till we shine like the sun REPEAT CHORUS Bridge 1 I know that You love me I know that You love me Your love never fails, Your love never fails Bridge 2 When all’s said and done, all that matters is love So let love take over Not just in part, but in all that You are Let Your love take…

Writer(s):  Joel Houston, Dylan Thomas, Aodhan King, Benjamin Hastings


Never Stop - Jesus Culture

…breathe and Your light shines in You speak and my fears grow dim Every word burning deep with-in I am overwhelmed again I am overwhelmed again Chorus You never stop singing Your love to me You never stop singing Your love to me For the rest of my days Let me ever be listening To Your I love you’s…

Writer(s):  Kim Walker-Smith, Lindsey Sweat, Jacob Sooter