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Already There

…how All my fears and all my questions Are gonna play out In a world I can't control Pre-Chorus When I'm lost in the mystery To you my future is a memory Chorus 'Cuz, You're already there You're already there Standing at the end of my life Waiting on the other side And, You're already there You're…

Writer(s):  Bernie Herms, Mark Hall, Matthew West


Lay It All Down - United Pursuit

…Lay it all down Lay it all down Lay it all down Lay it all down at the feet of Jesus at the feet of Jesus When we’ve given up on better days there are memories we can’t erase lay it all down, lay it all down We’ve come to fear what we can’t explain there’s nothing here that can ease the pain lay…

Writer(s):  Will Reagan, Freddie Washington



…hustle Like you are unaware that December comes with so much trouble Cuz you believe a baby came, not in paintings or in plays But, every minute, every hour, every day To be real Tag You are real Show us what it means to love like this To be real To be real More than a memory More than a story Real

Writer(s):  Chris Stevens, Nichole Nordeman

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