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Never Gonna Stop Singing - Jesus Culture

…divide lost in our sin You made us alive How can we ever hold it inside? We can't hold back Chorus |2x| Instr Bridge Every tribe, every tongue every heart will sing Every knee we will bow to the Risen King Lift Him up, lift Him up We're never gonna stop singing O, never gonna stop |2x| Chorus |2x|

Writer(s):  Tom Smith, Matt Vaughan, Randy Jackson


Never Stop Singing

…to give life for all Chorus Once and for all the price is paid We can't stop singing Amazing love has won the day We'll never stop singing We'll shout it out We'll live it loud We can't stop singing We'll never stop singing Your praise Verse 2 In You the best is yet to come A brighter day In You…

Writer(s):  Ben Cantelon, Jonathan Dean, Martin Smith, Paul Evans, Tim Hughes

Never Gonna Stop Singing - Song Story

Stop Singing":  ---  I chose to sing this song for 2 main reasons.  The first reason is because I wanted to sing more songs that carried an element of happiness on them, and this song definitely does that. The second reason is because I love the message of the song; “we’re never gonna stop singing.” This…


Jesus Culture (Kim Walker-Smith) // Never Gonna Stop Singing // New Song Cafe


Watch and learn how to play 'Never Gonna Stop Singing' from Kim Walker - Smith of Jesus Culture.


I Will Never Stop

…free Love has redeemed you Rise up and sing louder Come on come on If you believe Love has redeemed you Rise up and sing Chorus I will never stop loving You You will never stop loving me There is nothing that the world can do I will never stop I will never stop Verse 2 Come on come on Oh can't you…

Writer(s):  Lisa Gungor, Michael Gungor, Michael Rossback


Never Stop - Jesus Culture

…You speak and my fears grow dim Every word burning deep with-in I am overwhelmed again I am overwhelmed again Chorus You never stop singing Your love to me You never stop singing Your love to me For the rest of my days Let me ever be listening To Your I love you’s ‘Cause I love You To Your I love…

Writer(s):  Kim Walker-Smith, Lindsey Sweat, Jacob Sooter


Louder - Matt Redman

…praise so glorious! Interlude Verse 3 There's a faith that rises through the flames There's a joy that chases the dark away God, we won't be silent! Channel Chorus Bridge We'll never stop singing! We'll never stop singing! We'll never stop singing! We'll never stop singing! Chorus Channel Bridge

Writer(s):  Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman, Jason Ingram


Worthy - Passion

…The angels cry, worthy is the Lamb of God The angels cry Chorus Worthy, worthy Day and night, we'll never stop singing You're worthy Forever, Your name is Holy Day and night we'll never stop singing You're worthy Verse 2 If we could see, truly see how great You are If we could see Your majesty, all…

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman


Let Go

…the miracles You make all things new We shout it louder, louder than before We've got a song to sing, we'll never stop giving all to You Bridge Nothing's gonna stop us now Nothing's gonna hold us down Nothing's gonna keep us from Your joy We've got a song to sing, we'll never stop giving all to You

Writer(s):  Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes

Opening Worship Songs 2017

…Great - Hillsong Worship Your Love Awakens Me - Chris Quilala Your Love Never Fails - Jesus Culture Relentless - Hillsong United The Lord Our God - Kristian Stanfill  Alive - Hillsong Young & Free  Never Gonna Stop Singing - Jesus Culture This Is Living - Hillsong Young & Free Look to the…


We Are The Free

…can stop us We'll be running through the night With a fire that burns inside A fire that burns inside Chorus 1 We are the free the freedom generation Singing of mercy You are the One who set us all in motion Yours is the glory There's a fire in our hearts and it burns for You It's never going…

Writer(s):  Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman


Voice Of Truth

…again Boy you'll never win you'll never win Bridge But the stone was just the right size To put the giant on the ground And the waves they don't seem so high From on top of them looking down I will soar with the wings of eagles When I stop and listen to the sound Of Jesus singing over me Ending I…

Writer(s):  Mark Hall, Steven Curtis Chapman