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Nothing Else - Cody Carnes

…holy moment I never want to leave Oh, I'm not here for blessings Jesus, You don't owe me anything More than anything that You can do I just want You Bridge X3 I just want You Nothing else, nothing else Nothing else will do I just want You Nothing else, nothing else Nothing else will do End Chord

Writer(s):  Cody Carnes, Hank Bentley, Jessie Early

|| Nothing Else || Cody Carnes

The morning I wrote Nothing Else with two other friends was a defining, about-face moment for my life. The season leading up to that moment was full of frustration from unmet expectations and disappointments. And as I was wrestling through that, I realized my heart’s posture had become completely…


In Your Freedom – Hillsong Worship

…bow to You in my brokenness No other king could have so humbly come To save my soul and heal my heart Pre-Chorus I have nothing more Than all You offer me There is nothing else that's of worth to me Chorus I love You Lord You rescued me You are all that I want You're all I need Verse 2 I pray to You…

Writer(s):  Marty Sampson, Raymond Badham


Love So Great - Hillsong Worship

…enough? How can I praise You enough? Chorus You are the Lord Almighty Outshining all the stars in glory Your love is like the wildest ocean Oh nothing else compares Verse Creation calls all to the Savior We are alive for Your praise In earth and sky no one is higher Our God of wonders You reign Our…

Writer(s):  Reuben Morgan, Jamie Snell, Joshua Grimmett


Cody Carnes // Nothing Else // New Song Cafe


Watch the acoustic performance, hear the story behind the song, and learn how to play "Nothing Else" by Cody Carnes.


Satisfied - Chris Tomlin

Nothing else, nothing else Nothing else will ever satisfy No one else, no one else No one else will ever satisfy Bridge 2 There's nothing else There's nothing else that will ever satisfy There's no one else There's no one else REPEAT Chorus Bridge 1 (with You satisfy my soul, my soul) Nothing else,

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Ross Copperman, Jason Ingram


Wait Here - Cody Carnes

…Vamp Faithful always Faithful always Faithful always Always always |2x| Bridge I will look for victory in nothing else but You I will find my hope and strength in nothing else but You I will look for victory in nothing else but You I will put expectancy in nothing else but You REPEAT CHORUS Outro

Writer(s):  Cody Carnes


Search My Heart – UNITED

…worship You Verse 3 Search my heart and search my soul There's nothing else that I want more Chorus 2 So with all my heart and all my soul With all I am Lord I will follow You You took the cross, You took my shame Restored my life Lord I will follow You Bridge Ooo, Ooo, Ooo Without You I am nothing

Writer(s):  Joel Houston, Matt Crocker


Deep Calls (Running After You) - Chris McClarney

…of your waterfalls As the waves of your peace Wash over me Verse 2 Hope calls to hope Deep in my bones there is an agony I am aching for you Nothing else will do Chorus My soul thirsts for you I need you Would you break through Bridge I'm running after you I'm running after you I'm running after…

Writer(s):  Chris McClarney, Stuart Garrard


May Your Wonders Never Cease – Third Day

Verse 1 Father in heaven, Lord, may Your name be glorified above all others, above all this world, above ev’rything else in our lives. For nothing else in all of this world matters, but to live our lives for You and You alone. Chorus May Your wonders never cease, may Your Spirit never leave, may we…

Writer(s):  Brad Avery, David Carr, Mac Powell, Mark Lee, Tai Anderson


Only Your Love – Kari Jobe

…for me like a fire untamed Verse 2 Your love is all consuming You never stop pursuing Nothing I could face could take it away Tag 1 Oh, oh, oh Your Love Oh, oh, oh Chorus Your love is like no other Nothing else satisfies It flows through the deepest waters It rests on the mountains high Your love…

Writer(s):  Amy Davis, Ben Davis, Jason Ingram, Kari Jobe


Sing - Aaron Spiro

…Of Christ’s reign and glory. Every one sing along; Join in the heaven song. Bridge Sing in the Spirit, filled with the truth; Sing like there’s nothing else you can do. Sing like a heart found in a dream, On an outbound train picking up steam, Heading towards the speed of light, Following the Way.…

Writer(s):  Aaron Spiro, Charlie Peacock