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Red Letters - Crowder

…crucify Could’ve come from these lips of mine The dirty shame was killing me It would take a miracle to wash me clean Chorus 1 Then I read the red letters And the ground began to shake The prison walls started falling And I became a free man that day Turn Verse 3 Felt like lightning hit my veins My…

Writer(s):  David Crowder, Ed Cash

|| I Know A Ghost || New Album From Crowder

…Crowder's new album is a great option for a worship setlist at your church. The album features new songs like "Red Letters," "Hundred Miles" and "Ghost." Check below for links to song resources and New Song Cafés! Red Letters Let It Rain (Is There Anybody) No Rival Happy Day Hundred Miles Ghost  


Red Letters // Crowder // New Song Cafe


Watch the acoustic performance, hear the story behind the song, and learn how to play "Red Letters" by Crowder.


Lettered Love - Hillsong Worship

…Sending Love to find me Reaching to my heart Now I see Lettered love has found me Littered red with mercy Written in Your scars Jesus Chorus 1 So have this broken heart And show me what Love paid for Oh Lord let my heart beat with Yours This lettered love Is shaping my story TAG All for the praise…

Writer(s):  Scott Ligertwood, Nathan Hughes

Related Categories: Red Letters Crowder | Crowder | I Know A Ghost
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