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Glorious One - Fee

…lifting our hearts to the Glorious One Yeah Chorus Glorious One Glorious One Light of the world You outshine the sun King of all kings eternity sings Glorious One Verse 2 Oh God of infinite worth With hands that carved out the ocean You hold the universe And still You run to the broken Pre-Chorus…

Writer(s):  Steve Fee


Into Faith I Go - Pat Barrett

…I know it’s time to stop resisting ‘Cause I’m not getting any younger Fear is such a sad way to live a life So, face to the wind, I’m jumping out, I’m walking in Every single thing You want to show me Chorus To the ups and downs The highs and lows The taking in The letting go To tears and laughter…

Writer(s):  Pat Barrett, Ed Cash


I Am - Crowder

…holding on to You In the middle of the storm I am holding on I am Verse 2 Love like this oh my God to find I am overwhelmed with a joy divine Love like this sets our hearts on fire REPEAT CHORUS 2X Interlude Bridge This is my resurrection song This is my hallelujah come This is why it's to You I run

Writer(s):  David Crowder, Ed Cash


Infinite - Jesus Culture

…breath away, breath away Chorus Your love is infinite Your love is measureless You won’t run out on me You won’t run out on me Your love is deep and wide Stretching from sea to sky You won’t run out on me You won’t run out on me Turnaround Verse 2 I see Your face in the dawn of every morning I see…

Writer(s):  Jordan Frye, David Andrew


Love All Along – htb worship

…the nails and the scars and the blood Royal redemption, Grace running red Love in Your victory, the grave is now dead REPEAT CHORUS X2 Verse 4 Whoever heard of a God who has wounds? And who else has laid down their glory like You? And whoever traded a crown for a cross We'll sing now forever that…

Writer(s):  Sam Bailey, Matt Redman


No Matter What - Ryan Stevenson

…want you to know There’s still a hope for you now Chorus No matter what you've done You can't erase His love Nothing can change it You’re not separated No matter what Verse 2 There’s never been a better time to get honest There’s never been a better time to get clean So come as you are Run to the…

Writer(s):  Jonathan Smith, Bryan Fowler, Ryan Stevenson


Splinters And Stones - UNITED

…bound to things of wood and stone When all I had to offer was my worst You saw my heavy heart and loved me first Your beauty staring down my brokenness You chose to throw Your heart into the mess Compassion crashing down upon my debt You were there Pre-Chorus 1 All this time Like a river running

Writer(s):  Joel Houston, Michael Guy Chislett


My Victory - Passion

…in crimson streams Oh Your death is hells defeat A cross meant to kill is my vic - tory Interlude Verse 2 Oh Your amazing grace I've seen and tasted it It's running through my veins I can't escape its grip in You my soul is safe You cover everything REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT INTRO Bridge Behold the Lamb…

Writer(s):  David Crowder, Hank Bentley, Ed Cash, Darren Mulligan


I Will Follow - Pardo

You Verse 2 From fear to faith Weakness to strength I will follow, I will follow My hope, My savior Your love lasts forever I will follow, follow Bridge There is no other God but You There is no other God but You Name above all names, who my soul runs to There is no other God but You From death to

Writer(s):  Jeff Pardo, Matt Armstrong


The Father's Heart - Hillsong Worship

running back to You Chorus 2 Woah Oh sin is broken The lost now chosen in the Father's heart Sin is broken The lost now chosen in the Father's heart Bridge (Woah oh) You reign You reign in all the earth (Woah oh) You reign You reign in all the earth (Woah oh) You reign You reign in all the earth You

Writer(s):  Gio Galanti, Jorim Kelly


Shout Of The King - Matt Maher

…Christ, the one who saves All you people rise to the shout of the king Verse 2 There is no power No scheme of man That separates Us from your hand We will not move Far from your gaze Here in your presence We will remain Pre-Chorus 2 So we stand on you word And we run to your voice Bridge It's the…

Writer(s):  Matt Maher, Sarah Reeves


Freedom Is Here

You speak Your word and I I'm running into Your hope Because I've seen Your light You bring my world to life I'm comin' after Your love Pre-Chorus I'm not shaken I'm not letting go Chorus 1 And everything comes alive in my life As we lift You higher Let Your freedom arise in our lives As we lift You

Writer(s):  Reuben Morgan, Scott Ligertwood