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Even When It Hurts (Praise Song) - UNITED

…when it makes no sense to sing, Louder then I'll sing Your praise I will only sing Your praise I will only sing Your praise I will only sing Your praise Bridge And my heart burns only for You You are all, You are all I want And my soul waits only for You And I will sing til the morning has come Lord…

Writer(s):  Joel Houston


Let Go

…the miracles You make all things new We shout it louder, louder than before We've got a song to sing, we'll never stop giving all to You Bridge Nothing's gonna stop us now Nothing's gonna hold us down Nothing's gonna keep us from Your joy We've got a song to sing, we'll never stop giving all to You

Writer(s):  Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes


Louder - Matt Redman

…praise so glorious! Interlude Verse 3 There's a faith that rises through the flames There's a joy that chases the dark away God, we won't be silent! Channel Chorus Bridge We'll never stop singing! We'll never stop singing! We'll never stop singing! We'll never stop singing! Chorus Channel Bridge

Writer(s):  Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman, Jason Ingram


Spirit Break Out

Chorus Spirit break out Break our walls down Spirit break out Heaven come down Verse 1 Our Father all of heaven roars Your name Sing louder let this place erupt with praise Can you hear it the sound of heaven touching earth The sound of heaven touching earth Verse 2 King Jesus You're the name we're…

Writer(s):  Ben Bryant, Luke Hellebronth, Myles Dhillon, Tim Hughes


We Lift You Up

…Stronger even than the grave We turn to You again (and) Chorus We lift you up, we lift you higher You deserve our highest praise We'll sing it out, we'll sing it louder Jesus name above all names Verse 2 Only you have overcome Every trial this world can bring Humbly you defeated sin Then died that…

Writer(s):  Brenton Brown


Never Gonna Stop Singing - Jesus Culture

…back Chorus We're gonna lift You higher, higher hearts burning bright like a fire, fire Voices unite make it louder, louder we're never gonna stop singing! we're never gonna stop singing! Verse 2 Set free no longer bound in chains You rescued me and called me by name You conquered the grave You…

Writer(s):  Tom Smith, Matt Vaughan, Randy Jackson


I Will Never Stop

…me There is nothing that the world can do I will never stop I will never stop Verse 2 Come on come on Oh can't you see What we've been given What we could be Come on come on If you believe Love is redeeming Rise up and sing Bridge Make it loud Make it louder Sing it loud Live it louder louder louder

Writer(s):  Lisa Gungor, Michael Gungor, Michael Rossback


Let There Be Light -Hillsong Worship

…for all those who mourn For the brokenhearted we sing louder Release from prison and shame Oppression turning to praise For every captive sing louder Restoring sight to the blind Breaking the curse of the night For all in darkness sing louder Proclaiming freedom for all This is the day of the…

Writer(s):  Scott Ligertwood, Matt Crocker, Joel Houston, Brooke Ligertwood, Michael Guy Chislett, Jonas Myrin


Not Ashamed - Stanfill

…rooftops Sing Chorus I'm not ashamed of the one who saved my soul I'm not ashamed of the one who saved my soul, my soul This fire inside of me Is burning for Your name I'm not ashamed Hey, hey No, I'm not ashamed Hey, hey Verse 2 The flame is getting stronger The song is playing louder We can't hide…

Writer(s):  Bryan Brown, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Tofer Brown


Not Ashamed - Cantelon

…silent We'll shout it from the rooftops, singing We're not ashamed, we're not ashamed of You, Jesus Verse 2 No turning back, now to live for You And tell the world it's true - You're the one and only way No backing down, let the streets resound Sing it louder now for all the earth to hear (Repeat…

Writer(s):  Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert


Beautiful News

…I heard Your beautiful news Grace so amazing so true Chorus Shout it out let the people sing Something so powerful Should shake the whole wide world Make it loud make it louder still Savior we're singing now To celebrate Your beautiful news Bridge There's a God who came down to save Showed the…

Writer(s):  Matt Redman


Holy Ground - Urban Rescue

…can I hide? Your presence is the air I breathe REPEAT CHORUS Bridge Come on lift your hands up Come on lift your hands up And sing like you’re alive Sing like you’re alive Come and shout it louder Joining with the angels Jesus is alive Jesus is alive REPEAT BRIDGE REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT BRIDGE Outro

Writer(s):  Jordan Frye, Hank Bentley