Sing Like The Saved

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Sing Like The Saved

Verse 1 We're gonna sing like the saved We're gonna sing like the saved We're gonna sing like the saved We're gonna sing like the saved Verse 2 A joyful noise we will make A joyful noise we will make A joyful noise we will make A joyful noise we will make Verse 3 You put Your joy in our hearts You…

Writer(s):  Matt Redman


While We Sing

…everyday To live like You, die to myself Give Your love away And I wonder why I feel so empty inside... Chorus While I sing la la la la la la la la la As the hungry roam the streets La la la la la la la la la As the broken are on their knees La la la la la la la la la I keep singing Verse 2 We are…

Writer(s):  Jack Mooring, Leeland Mooring, Paul Moak


A King Like This - Chris Tomlin

…King like this, the highest Name and the song of heaven A King like this born of Flesh into our suffering The Light, the Light has come Chorus He is Christ, the Lord He is Christ, our Savior I bow my heart before no other name I bow my heart before no other King Verse 2 A King like this, a saving

Writer(s):  Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin


Never Gonna Stop Singing - Jesus Culture

…We can't hold back Chorus We're gonna lift You higher, higher hearts burning bright like a fire, fire Voices unite make it louder, louder we're never gonna stop singing! we're never gonna stop singing! Verse 2 Set free no longer bound in chains You rescued me and called me by name You conquered…

Writer(s):  Tom Smith, Matt Vaughan, Randy Jackson


Power in the Cross - Derek Johnson

…sin is washed away. You alone have saved the day. We are forever changed, we thank You Channel Let every heart, every tongue Come sing of Your redemption Chorus There's power in the Cross Where You proved Your love The only sacrifice, Strong enough to save us You rose in victory; to let the whole…

Writer(s):  Anthony Skinner, Derek Johnson, Gabe Kossol



…now, Gonna sing loud and drown the sea out, Gonna celebrate the life I found, I’m found, I’m found. I was blind but now I see, I was lost but He rescued me, He saved the day and He set me free, Set me free, now I’m free. Anybody feel like dancing? Anybody feel like singing along? Anybody feel like

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Louie Giglio


As It Is (In Heaven) - Hillsong Worship

…find me And Your face is all I see I will sing like a man with no sickness in my body Like no prison walls can hold me I will sing like I am free cause REPEAT PRE-CHORUS 1 Instrumental PRE-CHORUS 2 I know You love me, I know You found me I know You saved me and Your grace will never fail me And…

Writer(s):  Ben Fielding, Joel Houston



…beautiful one Who came like a Son Here You are Pre-Chorus 1 So we lift up our voices We open our hands To cling to the love That we can't comprehend Oh lift up your voices And lift up your heads To sing of the love That has freed us from sin Chorus 1 He is the one Who has saved us He is the one Who…

Writer(s):  David Crowder


My Deliverer - Younker

…my Deliverer You are my strength now and forever Oh my Deliverer Verse 2 Grace like a river A waterfall Leads me to my healing Loves me through it all If I should lose hope Forget my song You will sing it over me Sing me back home Bridge I lift my eyes up up the to Heavens My help is Jesus My help…

Writer(s):  Brett Younker, Bryan Brown, Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, Nathan Nockels


Joy Is In This Place

…Everybody sing For joy is in this place now We're gonna dance, dance Everybody dance Everybody sing For joy is in this place now Dance, dance Everybody dance Everybody sing For joy is in this place now And everybody dance now Amazing grace How sweet the sound To save a wretch like me I once was…

Writer(s):  Tim Hughes


Thief In The Night

…(yeah) like a thief in the night You'll take us away Verse 1 Great is Your love and Your faithfulness It's Your faithfulness that carries me Many times I've run away Forsook Your love and all Your grace Still You call out my name Yeah You still care that I be saved Channel (And) so I'll sing the…

Writer(s):  Leeland Mooring


We The Redeemed

…to praise the King Chorus 1 Singing glorious glorious One You have saved us Honour and power and praise to the Saviour You are the answer You are the answer Verse 3 You come with power come with fire As we lift Your Name on high And join with all the saints to sing Bringing honour to the King Ending…

Writer(s):  Jill Mccloghry

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