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Better Than A Hallelujah

…hallelujah Verse 1 God loves a lullaby In a mother's tears in the dead of night Better than a hallelujah sometimes God loves a drunkard's cry The soldier's plea not to let him die Better than a hallelujah sometimes Verse 2 A woman holding on for life A dying man giving up the fight Are better than a…

Writer(s):  Chapin Hartford, Sarah Hart


Wherever You Go

…'til dawn breaks through There's a blessing and a wound And you're running, you're running from it When all your demons are at your door It's a soldier they're looking for And you're running, you're running from it Bridge Across the sea, the space between Everything you think you know The things…

Writer(s):  Audrey Assad, Matt Maher


Won My Heart - Chris Quilala

…part, I am Yours You have won my heart, You have won my heart All of me surrendering, what a sweet victory Turnaround Verse 2 Your love is a soldier fighting a war Broke through the front lines to stand in my door REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT TURNAROUND |2x| Bridge Beautiful in defeat, completely…

Writer(s):  Sarah Reeves, Chris Quilala, Jacob Sooter