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Easter Music | Worship Together

…cantata. This year, we are offering a Praise and Worship Service on Good Friday. We are planning these songs, songs that the church members who attend the early service know, except for maybe one: 1. Open the Eyes of My Heart; 2. Once Again; 3. Purify My…

A Week in the Life of a Worship Leader | Worship Together

good idea of where we’re going with the service, but Tuesday is the day where I nail it down. Wednesday & Thursday – Personal Rehearsal Practice. Practice. Practice. This is the time that I spend adding new songs to the rotation, working on song

The Discussion of Sacred or Secular | Worship Together

…tell when a song is centered on God based on its lyrical impact. And Secular songs are centered on the beat or music. And thats for the majority true, there might be some that dont fall into this example of mine, but the majority of songs do. Also, there…

3 Dangerous Assumptions for Worship Leaders | Worship Together

* SONGS * WORSHIP LEADERS * VIDEOS * BLOG * STORE * JOIN NOW * * * 3 Dangerous Assumptions for Worship Leaders Chris Vacher — October 9, 2014 This post first appeared on Chris Vacher’s blog, Chris from Canada. It is used here by permission. Please…