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Worship Leader

Aaron Shust

for the father of three young sons, yet amongst the challenges there have been miracles with each trial and tribulation.  Each crisis led the Centricity Music recording artist to lean more firmly into his faith and the result is Aaron’s new album, Morning Rises, a potent collection of songs that are…


Glory To Glory - Worship Central

…light that never fades Ever brighter ever true Christ in us a mystery Hope alive for all the world to see Verse 2 Everyday a miracle Walking in the way of grace With the sound of heavens roar Calling us to live for so much more Chorus From glory to glory Greater things are still to come Our anthem,…

Writer(s):  Nick Herbert, Jimmy James, Luke Hellebronth, Tim Hughes


For No Other Reason - Jesus Culture

for this one thing Captivated My heart in awe and wonder I live to see Your face Chorus Again and again You have my attention Until the end You have my affection Forever, I will come For no other reason But You and You alone For no other reason REPEAT Chorus Interlude Bridge 1 You are the miracle

Writer(s):  Chris Quilala, Tommy Iceland, Mia Fieldes, Andrew Holt

It's Christmas || Song Devotional

…permission to find the joy in your own heart that rightly celebrates the Christmas story. The Hope of the world came for all mankind, not just for the Christmas season, but for every day. So how are you celebrating the good news, and are you sharing your joy with others? Christmas is the perfect…

When I Think Upon Christmas || Song Devotional

…He needed to. All of the silence of heaven was not an abandonment from God, but a preparation for God. Emmanuel, God with us. So, when you have seasons of silence, thank God for the promise of the miracle to come. Worship the One who came to break the silence in our hearts and, with all glory and…


More To Come - Passion

…You’re the God who gives the miracle We believe Verse 2 You’re the God who parts the ocean wide Just to bring us closer to Your side You’re the God who brings the dead to life We believe, oh, we believe Chorus God, how great You are Great things You have done For everything we’ve seen There is…

Writer(s):  Jason Ingram, Phil Wickham, Brett Younker, Kristian Stanfill


Take It To The Streets – Matt Redman

…to mercy, for You found me, Wrapped Your truth around me. I am not a stranger to grace, I have seen it in Your face. I am not a stranger to kindness, We’re the broken with Your life inside us. You have brought Your gospel to me, And I breathe it every day. How did I become Your miracle? Now to take…

Writer(s):  Martin Smith, Matt Redman

Related Categories: God Of Miracles | Miracles | New Christmas Songs
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