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playSound Of Melodies

Writer(s): Leeland Mooring, Steve Wilson, Jack Mooring


playSweet, Sweet Sound

Writer(s): Ed Cash, Sarah Reeves

Creating A Dynamic Worship Set | Worship Together

…without stopping playing.  If you are changing keys, you can have a keyboard player transition into the new key with a pad sound. If you can’t transition musically, then think about transitioning with a Scripture or encouraging the congregation to…

Engaging Your Church in Worship - The Art of Disappearing | Worship Together

…June 28, 2013 There will always be someone who can sing better than you, play an instrument better than you, or look and sound much cooler when encouraging the Church to sing along. The good news is that God hasn’t called any of us to be the best…


playI Need You Now

Writer(s): Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman, Scott Ligertwood

Worship Leader

John Mark McMillan

…interested in musical exploration as lyrical exploration, McMillan carved his own path from the outset—with an ear for melody with a poet’s eye for metaphor—no topic was off-limits: death and love; isolation and exultation; restlessness and silence…

Worship Leader

Peter Furler

…the most successful and award-winning singers and songwriters in contemporary Christian music, Furler has crafted his own sound and has nothing left to prove. ? But the beat inside goes on – as does the quest to create new music that not only reflects…


playYou're The One

Writer(s): Louie Giglio, Jesse Reeves, Ed Cash, Chris Tomlin

Worship Leader


…expressed interest in music early on, banging away on the family’s piano as a child. After a while, the noise started sounding melodious, and CROWDER’s mother signed him up for lessons. “I kicked and screamed the whole time but I‘m glad in retrospect…