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playLord, I Need You

Writer(s): Daniel Carson, Kristian Stanfill, Christy Nockels, Matt Maher, Jesse Reeves


playAs It Is In Heaven

Writer(s): Ed Cash, Matt Maher


playStill, My Soul Be Still

Writer(s): Stuart Townend, Keith Getty, Kristyn Lennox Getty


playWe Lift You Up

Writer(s): Brenton Brown


playThe Lord's Prayer

Writer(s): Shane Barnard

Don't Become Shark Bait | Worship Together

…the church in hopes of bringing them up to the same caliber as the worship or to “fill a need.” We have to fight the temptation to over serve or stretch our leadership too thin. When we do this we begin to burn out, neglect our family, and overlook…

Worship Together Survival Guide | Worship Together

…than survive, we hope that you thrive in your ministry, making Jesus famous wherever you lead. PUT DOWN THE HAMMER The temptation for worship leaders in a new ministry can be to change things. We encourage you not to, and instead, spend that time with…

Put Down The Hammer - Priorities in Ministry | Worship Together

* SONGS * WORSHIP LEADERS * VIDEOS * BLOG * STORE * JOIN NOW * * * Put Down The Hammer – Priorities in Ministry Jimi Williams — June 5, 2013 I’ve heard the average tenure of a worship leader is 18-24 months. If this is true, then you…

Only God is Able | Worship Together

…entirely natural for any creative to look back at our work and exhale the words, ‘It is good,’ but there can be a temptation to go a little further, to add some more words, to praise ourselves and celebrate our own abilities. And while that doesn’t…

Worship Band Rehearsal | Worship Together

…least everyone has a starting point. 2. Introduce 5 new songs. When the new Passion album releases, you must resist the temptation to introduce half of the songs to your band the next week. I suggest not introducing more than 1 new song per rehearsal…

Love Moves Slow | Worship Together

…such as darkness of soul, disturbance in it, movement to things low and earthly, the unquiet of different agitations and temptations, moving to want of confidence, without hope, without love, when one finds oneself all lazy, tepid, sad, and as if separated…

Pleasing God, Not Men | Worship Together

…ministries. Attendance is down, giving is down, or there is a critical spirit in the church or the leadership. This is when the temptation arises to try and change things, to make things better. Later we realize we are operating more in the flesh than the spirit…