The King Is Among Us

  1. The King Is Among Us
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Your House - Michael W Smith

…Join the song of the earth born in the heavens See His glory like fire rising like smoke One voice calling out the King is among us Pre-Chorus He is good His love endures He is good and His love endures Chorus We come into Your house We come into Your house We come into Your house With thanksgiving…

Writer(s):  Michael W. Smith, Kyle Lee


The Name Of Emmanuel - Matt Redman

…of God with us God with us Can it be the King of all eternity Has walked the ground beneath our feet The Holy One as one of us One of us Pre-Chorus Light and life in the darkness The greatest grace of all Chorus Emmanuel, Emmanuel Was ever there a name so wonderful? God among us now We are not…

Writer(s):  Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman, Bernie Herms


Shout Of The King - Hillsong Worship

…able I give You praise 'til I overcome Chorus The shout of the King is among us God lives here in our praises The shout of the King is among us Praise Him praise Him Praise Him in ev'rything Verse 2 I give You praise when the sun is shining I give You praise in the dark of night I give You praise…

Writer(s):  Ned Davies


Love Comes Down – Matt Maher

king and kingdom Here among the beggars and the weak The broken and redeemed I’m finding grace beyond all measure In flesh and blood He hides His majesty Inside of you and me Why would a king do such a thing? Chorus Isn't it beautiful? Isn't it marvelous? The God of the universe He became one of us

Writer(s):  Audrey Assad, Matt Maher, Michael Gungor, Paul Moak


Hosanna In The Deep - Brenton Brown

…Your love is sung among the stars Your love is holding us together Your love has won my heart REPEAT CHORUS Tag Your love sings over me Bridge Eve - ry time we hear Your song Our voic - es raise to sing a - long Our eyes are open, our hope is strong For love has conquered Our King has come REPEAT…

Writer(s):  Brenton Brown, Jason Upton

NEW Album from Hillsong Young & Free: "Youth Revival"

…heart of the album.   "YOUTH REVIVAL could look like a contagious awaking among a people who defy the cultural grain. When the world would try and pull us this way or that way, we would choose to stand in who God has called us to be" -Alexander Pappas #YOUTHREVIVAL "YOUTH REVIVAL could look like…

Related Categories: Emmanuel God With Us | Emmanuel | Matthew 1
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