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Savior's Here – Kari Jobe

…bring hope You bring life Awaken hearts, open eyes With our voices, hear them rise We call these dry bones to come alive You are faithful, You are true We can always run to Pre-Chorus Love that never fails Arms that never close Blood that covers sin Grace that never ends Chorus You have saved us,…

Writer(s):  Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe


Adoration - Matt Maher

…for all Lord of heav'n and earth I bow to You bow to You I bow to You Verse 3 Pour upon us Lord of Mercy Spirit of Thy selfless love Make us of one true heart yearning For the glory of Thy Son Jesus fire of justice blazing Glad'ning light forevermore Chorus 2 Jesus Lamb of God saving love for all…

Writer(s):  Matt Maher


In Remembrance Of Me – Cheri Keaggy

…suffered and died Verse 1 This is My body given for you This is the cup that holds the blood Of a new covenant This is forgiveness simple and true This is the way that I have made for you Before you eat before you drink Take a long look inside And tell Me what you see He said do this in remembrance…

Writer(s):  Cheri Keaggy


In The Light – DC Talk

…sickness Under control Chorus 2 I wanna be in the light As You are in the light Lead me into the presence Of the Father I will follow right behind True love I will find All I want is to be In the light of love All I want is to be in the light 1991, 1997 Sparrow Song (a div. of EMI Christian Music…

Writer(s):  Charlie Peacock


Worthy Of Affection – Shane and Shane

…All glory are You Lord Forevermore Forevermore Ending Holy are You Lord Holy are You Lord Oh holy are You Lord Copyright © 2009 River Oaks Music Company / True Bliss Music / Waiting Room Music / Shane Everett Co-Pub Designee (Admin. at All rights Reserved. Used by permission.

Writer(s):  Shane Barnard, Shane Everett


This Is Who I Am – Shane and Shane

…could be The righteousness of our Creator I am a new creation The old is passed away and I am made new Copyright © 2009 River Oaks Music Company / True Bliss Music / Waiting Room Music / Birdwing Music / Bethany Dillon Publishing (all admin. at All rights Reserved. Used by…

Writer(s):  Bethany Dillon, Shane Barnard


Look Like A Fool – Matt Maher

…just to go outside And I need something to sing With this neighbor of mine Verse 3 All God's people got a reason to live Joy for the hard days and true love to give So we raise our hands And lay down our sin And remember the day our freedom began Chorus 2 This grace is so amazing That's why love is…

Writer(s):  Bill Staines, Matt Maher


Make Us One - Evan Wickham

…the priest We are a million rivers of tears You are making us one sea of love Instrumental (Key Change): Chorus 2: Father make us one we pray for unity Let the church be come a true community We are all the same, children with your name Make us one like you are one (2xs and out with Intro Chords)

Writer(s):  Aaron Keyes, Bryan Brown, Evan Wickham, Michael Gungor


No Not One – Christy Nockels

…above No, Not one With his life you have forgiven us Hope has come hope has come And there will never be a greater love No, Not one Verse 3 No image true or sweeter frame No simple word can match your name No greater fame No not one Pre-Chorus 2 No one has ever seen The depth of your majesty Bridge…

Writer(s):  Brandon Heath, Christy Nockels


Real – Nichole Nordeman

…show you what it means to love like this To be real Verse 2 Shepherds bending to the ground Bethlehem is safe and sound Joseph you look brave and true But do we know what it was like to be you How many sleepless nights away Found you desperate and afraid And as I turn to walk away I hear you say…

Writer(s):  Chris Stevens, Nichole Nordeman


Stars In The Sky – Kari Jobe

…Lord, I'm giving praise to You Lord I'm praising You REPEAT CHORUS Bridge The clouds will rain The seasons change Cause You told them to The sun will shine Your burning light Cause You told it to When You speak your words through my soul So I know it's true You're in control In control In control

Writer(s):  Chris August, Kari Jobe


Strong Tower - Kutless

…Chorus You are my strong tower A shelter over me Beautiful and mighty, Everlasting King You are my strong tower A fortress when I’m weak Your name is true and holy And Your face is all I see Verse 2 In the middle of my darkness In the midst of all my fear You’re my refuge and my hope When the storm…

Writer(s):  Aaron Sprinkle, Jon Micah Sumrall, Marc Byrd, Mark Lee