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Creating A Dynamic Worship Set | Worship Together

…whether to sing faster songs at the beginning and slower songs at the end. I’ve seen this done very effectively both ways. If you want to end your worship time in a quiet, reverent manner, plan your upbeat celebration songs at the beginning of your…

Song Transitions and Flow | Worship Together

…depending on the tempo of the songs you will be using, but I find that the song flow usually follows one of these options: Fast – Upbeat – Medium – Slow (typical worship flow), Fast – Upbeat – Medium – Upbeat (ends on a “high note”…

Revival by Soulfire Revolution | Worship Together

…Revolution | Worship TogetherRevival by Soulfire Revolution | Worship Together * SONGS * WORSHIP LEADERS * VIDEOS * BLOG * STORE * JOIN NOW * * * Revival by Soulfire Revolution Josh Pauley — August 14, 2013 Revival is an upbeat, high-energy song by Soulfire…