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Wholly Yours

…And the weight of it all And so this might could be The most impossible thing Your grandness in me Making me clean Glory, hallelujah. Glory, glory, hallelujah Ending So here I am, all of me Finally everything. Wholly, wholly, wholly I am wholly, wholly, wholly I am wholly, wholly, wholly...Yours…

Writer(s):  David Crowder

A Need To Dance | Thoughts from Worship Central

…of no less value but, how often are we dancing and celebrating during service in church? "I'm alive in the Love that You give me Free to dance once again You will lead me from glory to glory Jesus, You made a way” Worship is an expression; it is a physical act of laying your spirit and flesh at the…

Dreaming with God | The Journey of Joel Houston

“Use what’s in your hand to establish what’s in your heart.” - Brian Houston   In my experience, most musicians and creatives are also dreamers. We have dreams for our careers, our families, and our ministries. However, I think all of us have, at some point in our lives, watched one of our dreams…

How to Handle the Unexpected

…week during worship. The tracks/click we were using went wacky during the first song. I had no option but to kill the tracks and click. After the tracks went down, the whole band was on edge having to adjust. And of course that led to a mistake. Me, the keyboard player, started a song while still…

How Chris McClarney Avoids the Pitfall of Perfection

It’s always funny to me that the busiest day of the week at is Saturday. It just shows how many of us are scrambling to fill our setlist before Sunday morning. We all know that there is never enough time to plan for our services, so when I talk with worship pastors, I like to ask…

4 Thoughts on Presentation vs Performance

…another's emotions, facial expressions, vocal inflection and body movements. This isn't bad. This is how God made us! Think about how Jesus taught. He used relatable stories, hyperbole, humor and intensity. We should do the same. 3. Presentation should be within context. There are things that can…

When You're Out of the Picture

…Worship Pastor at my new church. Over the last few years at my previous church I had the unique opportunity to prepare my church for the reality of me not being there. I want to share with you three very specific habits you need to develop if you want to prepare your team for your absence. Commit to…

Related Categories: Living For God | Prayer Songs | Kingdom Of God
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