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Wild Heart - Urban Rescue

…we'll follow You After Your wild heart we want to be where You are we'll follow You, follow You Verse 2 To the broken down to the pain untold to the empty hand to the thirsty soul where the tears run dry and the joy is scarce to the shattered heart we will find You there REPEAT CHORUS |2x| Bridge…

Writer(s):  Jordan Frye


Ghost - Passion

…Get ready, all the stories are true Bridge He’ll heal you He’ll heal you He’ll heal you He’ll heal you Instrumental |2X| Chorus 3 We’re ready for Your fire to fall We’re ready for Your voice to call We’re ready for Your lightning come We’re ready, into Your arms we run We’re ready let the heavens…

Writer(s):  David Crowder, Ed Cash


O Church Arise

…Spirit, come Put strength in every stride Give grace for every hur - dle That we may run with Faith to win the prize Of a servant good and faith - ful As saints of old still line the way Retelling triumphs of His grace We hear their calls And hunger for the day When with Christ We stand in glo - ry

Writer(s):  Keith Getty, Stuart Townend


Glorious One - Fee

Intro Verse 1 Our hands are lifted high Our hearts are bowing in rev'rence And we're surrounded by The glory of Your presence Pre-Chorus 1 With ev'ry creature ev'ry tongue We're lifting our hearts to the Glorious One Yeah Chorus Glorious One Glorious One Light of the world You outshine the sun King…

Writer(s):  Steve Fee

When You're Out of the Picture

…church with a running joke about staff only having to work one day a week. Worship pastors get to take this to the next level when we say, “And all I have to do is play guitar!” If only this were true. Worship leaders are passionate about leading. We love to be involved on Sundays. We love creating…


Love Is On The Move

…world Cries for healing The deepest longing For the love of God And, oh, the greatest mystery Love has come to set us free Verse 3 In a little quiet town The hope of the world was found Under the night sky He died and rose again The sacrifice that conquered sin And now we are His feet... His hands

Writer(s):  Jack Mooring, Leeland Mooring, Steve Wilson, William Jacob Holtz


Christ Is Risen

…fix our eyes upon the cross And run to Him Who showed great love And bled for us Freely You’ve bled for us Chorus Christ is risen from the dead Trampling over death by death Come awake, come awake Come and rise up from the grave Christ is risen from the dead We are one with Him again Come awake,…

Writer(s):  Matt Maher, Mia Fieldes


Love Goes On

Intro Verse 1 We found love that nev - er runs dry From the depths to the sky Eyes fixed on the One who knows no end You stand strong for all of time In the joy in the trial You are the Be - gin - ning and the End Your love goes on Your love goes on Chorus Ever our heart will seek Jesus in ev - 'ry…

Writer(s):  Hannah Hobbs, Joel Davies, Laura Toggs


Home - Chris Tomlin

…In heaven, I'm going Chorus Home where the streets are golden Every chain is broken Oh I wanna go, oh I wanna go Home where every fear is gone I'm in Your open arms Where I belong Home Turnaround Verse 2 Lay down my burdens, I lay down my past I run to Jesus no turning back Thank God Almighty I'll…

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Scott Cash


Move - Jesus Culture

are, no heart’s left unchanged Chorus So come move, let justice roll on like a river Let worship turn into revival Lord, lead us back to You Verse 2 When You move, the outcast finds a family When You move, the orphan finds a home Lord, here we are, oh, teach us to love mercy With humble hearts, we

Writer(s):  Jeff Pardo, Chris McClarney, Lindsey Sweat


Counting On - John Mark McMillan

…stones up At your window I’m casting shadows Upon your door |2x| Verse 2 When the bombs break right outside my door And I can’t shake the onset of my wars, When the stakes are raised We hold the hand we’ve drawn You’re what I’m counting on Chorus Outro | A2 /// | D2 /// | A2/E /// | F#m7 /// |

Writer(s):  John Mark McMillan

Matt Redman | Unbroken Praise | Guitar Giveaway

…Second Prize: Two people will win a Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Third Prize: A mix of CD's selected by Worship Together Entries are open NOW and will run until the end of August. <a href="https://worshiptogether.wufoo.com/forms/pip24hs0m65rnk/"…

Related Categories: Run The Race | Running | Run Hillsong
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