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Verse 1 Im bare before You, o risen Jesus I cant hide from You, Your kindness is too strong Today You kneel, You wash my feet Where the dirt of sin has harmed me Who has heard of such majesty Glorious one I let down the walls again Pre-Chorus 1 There's nothing thats sweeter than Your friendship…

Writer(s):  Rend Collective



…one else who Has my heart Chorus Jesus, You have me completely Every breath that I breathe I am absolutely in love Jesus, I am Yours forever All of me surrenders I am absolutely in love with You Verse 2 Down upon my knees I’m lost in worship Humbled by Your majesty What is there to say But how I l -…

Writer(s):  Ian Eskelin, Jon Neufeld, Tim Neufeld

Song Devotional | "Forgiven" by Crowder

…promises to forgive His children, but He also expects us to be just as quick to forgive.  There’s the rub. We desperately want to be shown grace, but when it comes to extending that same grace to others, we’re quick to dole out judgement instead of the mercy Jesus desires us to reciprocate. With so…


The Answer - Jeremy Camp

…reaching So many hurting, so many lost With all this striving who can we lean on Creation’s crying out from the dark Chorus I know the answer to every question the one solution through every fear I know my help and where it comes from Je-sus, He is the an-swer Turnaround Verse 2 He sees our sadness,…

Writer(s):  Jeremy Camp, Scott Cash, Ed Cash


Glorious Day - Passion

Intro Verse 1 I was buried beneath my shame Who could carry that kind of weight? It was my tomb ‘Til I met You I was breathing but not alive All my failures I tried to hide It was my tomb ‘Til I met You You called my name and I ran out of that grave Chorus Out of the darkness into Your glorious day…

Writer(s):  Kristian Stanfill, Jonathan Smith, Jason Ingram, Sean Curran

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing || Song Devotional

Who doesn’t love Christmas carols? Since we sing them in a shortened time period, their impact is concentrated. They bring joy to the season, but there is rich theology in the carols.  In Charles Wesley’s classic, “Hark, The Herald Angels Sing”, we listen to the angels of Luke 2. They announce the…


Soon And Very Soon – Andrae' Crouch

…the other side. We have come from every nation, God knows each of us by name. Jesus took His blood and He washed our sins, And He washed them all away. Yes, there are some of us, Who have laid down our lives, But we all shall live again, On the other side. Ending Hallelujah. Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh,…

Writer(s):  Andrae' Crouch


One Like Us - Mack Brock

…You would choose to be Chorus One like us. there’s no one like Jesus How wonderful is Your love God with us, in glory, in power I’ll praise You forevermore Verse 2 Majesty humbled, love came down Unequaled surrender replaced a crown Who died on a hill where grace was born Humanity rescued, no longer…

Writer(s):  Mack Brock, Nick Herbert, Sam Bailey, KB


Heart of Heaven - Brenton Brown

…the one Who draws me near when I don’t dare One look from You, I feel the flood Subsiding Sorrow and joy, this is my incense Rising Chorus I’m in the heart of Heaven And I’m at a loss for words I’m standing in Your presence 'Cause Heaven comes down to earth Verse 2 With just a word, Jesus, You lift…

Writer(s):  Matt Maher, Brenton Brown

Sean Curran of Bellarive Shares About The Song “Calling On Fire”

…always present. This idea is woven all the way through the New Testament as well. Jesus, the Christ, our eternal sacrifice, He calls us to the fire. John speaks of it when he says “I baptize you with water. But one who is more powerful than I will come, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to…

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