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Should I Be Writing Songs For My Church?

your songs and give you honest feedback. If songwriting isn’t your talent, don’t even think about making your church sing your songs. Hopefully this will help you determine whether you should be writing new songs for your church or not. Remember, as a leader, your job is to serve the body. So,


Hidden - United Pursuit

…in the safety of Your love I trust Your heart, and Your intentions Trust You completely, I’m listening intently You’ll guide me through these many shadows Verse 2 As I grow and as I change May I love You more deeply I will lean upon Your grace I will lean because Your goodness is unending Chorus…

Writer(s):  Will Reagan, Brock Human

Gracefully Broken | Thoughts Inspired by Matt Redman

…it.  So, here are some prayer thoughts for today: - Give God glory for how far He’s brought you, for all of the gifts He’s given you, and for never failing you. Thank Him for weaving a plan for you, a plan that will bring you joy and bless you. -Ask God to show you things in your life that…

3 Dangerous Assumptions for Worship Leaders

…Keep the joy of the Lord present on your face and maybe, if I choose, I’ll see that and recognize it and allow the Spirit to soften my heart to see how good and merciful and tender He is. Assuming the Worship Depends on Me Oh man. This one is a doozy, on so many levels. Again I’m pointing the finger…


His Name Shall Be - Matt Redman

…the angels sing! Turnaround Verse 2 He came to tell the Father's love His goodness and His grace To show the brightness of His smile The glory of His face So glory in the highest And on the earth be peace Glory to God Your children sing Chorus His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor Mighty…

Writer(s):  Jonas Myrin, Matt Redman


How Sweet It Is – Chris Tomlin

…You, Lord) By You, Lord (only You) How Sweet It is (Oh) How Sweet it is (I've tasted and seen) I'm loved by you (The goodness of Your love) By You, Lord (the goodness of Your love) How sweet it is, (how sweet it is) How sweet it is Verse 3 The sun will burn its final flame And every tear be wiped…

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Pat Barrett, Jessie Early, Hank Bentley


Satisfied - Chris Tomlin

…me now and You before Chorus I count my blessings one by one Your goodness in my life How could I ask for more In You I’m satisfied If You are all I have I know that I will find That You are all I need In You I’m satisfied Verse 2 So, let my life be freely spent For what only, only you can give My…

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Ross Copperman, Jason Ingram

5 Keys to Growing a Healthy Student Worship Team

…in worship.  So often we dismiss student worship leaders as having the ability to lead adults in worship, but I believe God can work through the heart of a student in ways that are very unique.  A student leading worship for your whole church body can bring a fresh, new quality that your church can…

Matt Redman | Unbroken Praise | Guitar Giveaway

…and they've so generously agreed to give away 3 great guitars to a few young worship leaders around the USA. We've come up with an idea where you upload to YouTube your version of any one of the new songs from the 'Unbroken Praise' album - then have someone who believes in your calling to send…

Related Categories: God You're So Good | Healing Songs | So Good
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