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Holy Ghost - John Mark McMillan

…a Ho-ly Ghost Verse 2 The geeks they can smell when you're comin' Even out in the cold They'll grind you down but they're gonna get What they're owed and I know the red thread Unravels, I know you're blue and black But there's still time if you don't mind The way that the odds are stacked Chorus

Writer(s):  John Mark McMillan


Never Stop - Urban Rescue

…stop chasing after me! |2x| REPEAT INTERLUDE 2x Verse 3 You are the sun upon my skin You are the moon that pulls me in Closer than the air I breathe Your love is chasing after me REPEAT CHANNEL REPEAT CHORUS Bridge I see my chains unraveling, raveling All of my shame for victory, victory I feel my…

Writer(s):  Jordan Frye

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