Your Love Never Gives Up On Me

  1. Your Love Never Gives Up On Me
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All Glory

…1 How great is Your love That never gives up on me Stronger than shame Carries me back to You Jesus, my Redeemer You have made a way Chorus All glory to God who is able All power and praise Forever the earth will proclaim You are mighty, You are mighty Verse 2 So great is Your love It keeps all its…

Writer(s):  Martin Smith, Nikki Fletcher, Tim Hughes


Break Free

…are holding on holding on To all You've said and You've done We are holding on to Your love Now we will dance (So) won't you break free Won't you break free Get up and dance Won't you break free (REPEAT 3X) So won't you break free Won't you break free Get up and dance In His love Love never ending

Writer(s):  Joel Houston, Matt Crocker, Scott Ligertwood


God's Great Dance Floor - Tomlin

…back to Your heart Now I surrender Take me, this is all I can bring Verse 2 I’m coming back to the start Our God is freedom And here we feel Your heart Your heart beat for us Take me, this is all I can bring Chorus You'll never stop loving us No matter how far we run You'll never give up on us All…

Writer(s):  Chris Tomlin, Martin Smith, Nick Herbert


Open Hands - Urban Rescue

…finally giving up I'm placing all my trust into a higher love You're dreaming bigger dreams You have a plan for me and though I cannot see Chorus Bridge My hands for Your glory my hands for Your glory lifted high, lifted high to You My life for Your glory my life for Your glory all of me, all of me

Writer(s):  Josh Silverberg, Jordan Frye


Clinging To The Cross

…Ending Oh oh Lord has rescued Grace has made a way Lead me to the One That is higher than love Lead me lead me lead me oh Rescued me Thank You DS]thank You You have rescued me Lift me up give me strength I'm clinging I'm clinging to Your Cross To the old rugged cross Thank You thank You thank You…

Writer(s):  Martin Smith, Tim Hughes

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