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Jesus Culture

…than 324 million audio and video streams and over 131 million streams on YouTube. Jesus Culture is focused on equipping a generation to transform society by bringing people into an encounter with God’s love through worship and discipleship. The songs they release capture the heart of the movement.

Worship Leader

Elias Dummer

…behind songs like “Holy (Wedding Day)”, “Yours”, and “Manifesto" and many more, Elias worked to bring churches together in unity. Today, Elias lives with his wife and five children in Nashville TN, where he continues to explore the relationship between worship and discipleship as he leads worship,


When You're Out of the Picture

…certain songs or how I’ve laid the service out to achieve this. * Co-lead with them. When I’m developing a new worship leader, I schedule them for a couple Sundays in a row or maybe three Sundays out of four and ask them to co-lead with me. At first it may be to simply introduce one song, speak…