Have You Ever Seen The Wonder

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Wonder - UNITED

…meets the light If you have so say Chorus 1 I see the world in light I see the world in wonder I see the world in life Bursting in living color I see the world Your way And I’m walking in the light Verse 2 Have you ever seen the wonder In the air of second life Having come out of the waters…

Writer(s):  Joel Houston, Matt Crocker
Writer(s):  Joel Houston, Matt Crocker

Sometimes Surrendering To God, Means Staying Planted Where You Are

…I have commanded. If you sit here tonight and go, “I wonder what my call is?”, that is your call. I don't think it gets any better or worse for any of us. I think we are all given the same call, to make disciples.  How we do that looks different. Some of you will be in business, some of you in…