Kari Jobe The Cause Of Christ

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The Cause Of Christ - Kari Jobe

…will only sing Your praise |3x| Chorus 2 For this cause I live For this cause I'd die I sur-render all For the cause of Christ All I once held dear I will leave behind For my joy is this Oh the cause of Christ For my joy is this Oh the cause of Christ Turnaround Verse 3 It is not fame that I desire…

Writer(s):  Kari Jobe, Benjamin Hastings, Bryan Fowler
Writer(s):  Kari Jobe, Benjamin Hastings, Bryan Fowler

The Cause Of Christ // Kari Jobe // New Song Cafe

Watch the acoustic performance, hear the story behind the song, and learn how to play 'The Cause Of Christ' from Kari Jobe.


The Garden | New Album from Kari Jobe

We are thrilled to announce the release of Kari Jobe’s newest record, The Garden. We have been so refreshed by the Spirit filled messages in this record and pray you and your congregations will be as well. Below you’ll find song pages + resources along with four exclusive New Song Cafés. Enjoy! Song…